Thakurdas Behrani

Ranjit Mahanti

SENIOR Congress leader from Ulhasnagar city and the President of Sindhu Nagar Vyapari Mahamandal Thakurdas Behrani passed away. He had been unwell and admitted in the hospital for quite some time.

On January 3, 2014 at around 2.45 am he passed away. His last rites were completed on Saturday afternoon at Shanti Nagar Crematorium by his son Pradip Behrani alias Pappu. On Monday at around 5.30pm his Marka (pagadi) has been kept at Shri Sachkhand Darbar, C-Block Road, Ulhasnagar-3.

69-year-old Behrani who was famous in city with name ‘Bhau’ served as a Counsillor in the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC). He was the Chairman of the Standing Committee and also Sanitation Committee in UMC.

He was the President of Sindhu Nagar Vyapari Mahamandal till date since its formation.

“Although Thakurdas Behrani was associated with Congress party but had lots of respect with other political leaders,” said Rajendra Singh Bhullar “Maharaj,” a top Shiv Sena leader.

With moist eyes, family members, close friends, leaders from all political party’s, social workers, Journalists buried Bhau at Shanti Nagar Crematorium. NCP leader and present MLA Jyoti Kalani, her son Omie Kalani, former BJP leader Kumar Ailani, Bachcho Rupchandani, Hardas Makhija, Councillor Toni Sirwani, Chandrakant Bodare, Dhananjay Bodare, Naresh Durgani, Jamnu Puruswani, Narendra Rajani, Kamal Bhatija, Deepak Gajaria, Journalists Ashok Pinjani, Hero Bodha and others were present.

His son Pradip Behrani alias Pappu is General Secretary of Congress Party conducted his last rites. He is the District President of Human Rights Organisation. Pappu has the same respect in city as his father.

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9 years ago

I express my heartly condolonce on this unfortunate event. May God rest the soul in peace.

Rajpal Rajesh
Rajpal Rajesh
9 years ago

May his soul rest in peace