Yogesh Bharadwaj
Yogesh Bhardwaj


A Mumbai based couple has demanded police protection to avoid bogus FIRs being registered against them by Turbhe police in Navi Mumbai. However Commissioner of Police, K L Prasad has assured them that Turbhe police will not register fake FIR’s as long as he is Police Commissioner of Navi Mumbai.

Dr Samita Bhardwaj and her husband Mohit Bhardwaj are a residents of Oberoi Splendor, in Andheri East.  Dr Samita is associated with an International NGO and Mohit is a shipping and derivatives businessman, who earlier lived in Hong Kong and Germany with his family before moving to India permanently in 2008. He also served as Chartered Marine Chief Engineer till 2001.

On July 21, 2014 Dr Samita wrote a letter (copy available with ABI) to Police Commissioner K L Prasad seeking police protection. Dr Samita also met K L Prasad with her husband (41) and daughter (13). Dr Samita addressed entire episode to K L Prasad that how her real brother Yogesh Bhardwaj is registering fake FIRs against her husband. However, K L Prasad assured them that Turbhe police will not register fake FIR against her or her husband Mohit Bhardwaj in future.


“Mr K L Prasad is genius and intelligent IPS officer. We met him. He assured us that not only Turbhe police, entire Navi Mumbai police will not register fake FIR against my husband Mohit Bhardwaj.  There is full protection to my husband. We thank K L Prasad,” said Dr Samita.

Dr Samita was shocked when on July 21, 2014 she read news in an English newspaper that Turbhe police have registered FIR against her husband.  Dr Samita was again shocked when she learnt that her own father Dhaneshchander Bharadwaj (68) has registered FIR. Dhaneshchander is real father-in-law of Mohit Bhardwaj.

According to FIR on March 16, 2014 around 12.30pm, Mohit Bhardwaj forcibly entered his Sanpada house in Navi Mumbai. He (Mohit Bhardwaj) demanded Rs 10 lakh, which he wanted to invest in the stock market. Dhaneshchander who is retired from the Indian Navy as a Master Chief Petty Officer in 1983, refused to give money. Then Mohit Bhardwaj forcibly took away a laptop, three mobiles and two wrist watches worth of Rs 1,00,000.

Mohit Chandra Bhardwaj with his wife
Mohit Chandra Bhardwaj with his wife


On March 16, 2014 Yogesh Bhardwaj son of Dhaneshchander, brother of Samita and bother-in-law of Mohit Bhardwaj had kidnapped Samita’s 12-year-old daughter. Mohit Bhardwaj approached Turbhe Police station to release her. At that time, not getting response from Turbhe police station, Mohit Bhardwaj dialled police helpline number – 100 and then along with a constable went at Yogesh Bhardwaj’s  house to rescue her. Mohit Bhardwaj did not enter the house. The constable even got the Informant Dhaneshchander, his wife and Anuradha Shinde to Turbhe Police station and detained them for few hours for not releasing Mohit’s daughter. Strangely, written complaints and statements pertaining to that day by the informants have no mention of any robbery.

“Dhaneshchander has mentioned in FIR that I robbed Laptop, wrist watches and mobile phones but he failed to produce bills or IMEI numbers of phones. Actually those articles are ours, what we use daily like my RADO watch I use since 2006. We have bills of all articles, and at 12.30pm I was in Andheri, I reached Turbhe after 1.30pm” said Mohit Bhardwaj.

When contacted senior inspector Shekhar Bagade of Turbhe police station said, I am aware about Mohit Bhardwaj complaint.  He had met to Commissioner of Police K L Prasad and me too. I clarified him that on which situation FIRs were registered. He is satisfied with our clarification.’

Earlier FIRs

Earlier Turbhe police has registered FIR (No-00/2014) under sections 498 (A), 377, 406, 323, 506 and 504 of IPC against Mohit Bhardwaj and transferred to Meghwadi police station in Mumbai. Actually that time Dr Samita’s real brother Yogesh Bhardwaj-who is a fake lawyer along with others in his loop, has registered that FIR.

On July 17, 2014 ABI has published an article under headline, “Lawyer uses sister to implicate brother-in-law under section 377 on behest of builder Vikas Oberoi.” That article got huge response (2,935 likes and 70, 338 readers till last week) in social media for that Yogesh Bhardwaj became mad.

“ABI’s huge response made Yogesh Bhardwaj mad with rage. To avenge and to get published false stories about me, he registered false, malicious, frivolous and bogus FIR against me in Turbhe police station using his old father as a bait, to misguide, bribe the police and get sympathy, same as he did earlier using his sister,” said Mohit Bhardwaj.

When Dr Samita came to know about the zero FIR, on May 13, 2014 she submitted an affidavit (copy available with ABI) in police station informing that she had not registered any FIR against her husband. Yogesh Bhardwaj and others obtained signatures from Dr Samita on five pages written note in Marathi language. He produced those papers in Turbhe police station and registered FIR.

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