In a move that has sparked controversy, Bombay Scottish School in Mahim has decided to hold online classes on January 22, 2024, blatantly disregarding the Maharashtra government’s decision to declare a public holiday for the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. This decision by the school’s management not only undermines the significance of a government order but also raises questions about the institution’s sensitivity towards cultural and religious sentiments.

The Maharashtra government’s decision to declare a public holiday was a gesture acknowledging the cultural and historical importance of the Ram Mandir consecration, a moment of unity and reverence for many. However, Bombay Scottish School, in its bid to maintain academic continuity, chose to overlook the larger picture. The decision to conduct regular online classes, as informed by the school’s principal, Mrs. Sunita George, in a memo to parents, reflects a narrow perspective on education, ignoring the broader socio-cultural implications of participating in a collective observance of a significant national event.

Furthermore, the decision raises concerns about the inclusivity and secular ethos within educational institutions. In a country as diverse as India, it is imperative for educational bodies to reflect the secular and inclusive principles enshrined in the constitution. By not aligning with the government’s decision, the school has missed an opportunity to showcase solidarity and inclusiveness, especially in a context that has historical and religious significance for a large section of the Indian populace.

In conclusion, Bombay Scottish School’s choice to hold classes on a nationally recognized holiday is a misstep that goes beyond academic scheduling. It is a question of adhering to the spirit of unity, respect, and sensitivity towards India’s diverse cultural fabric. Educational institutions, while autonomous, have a responsibility to harmonize their decisions with the larger societal context they operate within. It is hoped that the school reconsiders its decision and aligns itself with the collective sentiment of the nation, fostering an environment of respect and understanding among its students.

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