Fake cop

Ranjit Mahanti

IN interrogation of two fake policemen the LT Marg police have claimed to solve the two more cases of cheating. Earlier, the accused had been arrested for cheating two businessmen in Zaveri Bazaar area.

The accused Afzal Ali Ahmed Ali Zafari (52) and Mashalla Kamal Ali Zafari (29) is an Irani national and is a resident of Ambivli village near Kalyan.

Posing as policemen in December last year the accused had duped an employee of a jewelry shop to the tune of Rs 45.75 lakh. The accused told the jewelers that few days ago here a bomb was found in the area and checked his bag. On pretext of checking the bag they took gold ornaments and ran-away.

Similar on April 17, the accused allegedly cheated businessman Vijay Mishra a tune of Rs 15,000, posing as policemen.

“After arrest of these accused we have solved four cases. Now we are looking their third partner,” said a police officer from LT Marg police station.

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