Sajid Khan
Sajid Khan


A son was punished to death by his own father for not attending school. This shocking incident occurred in Ambernath on Saturday.The accused identified as Aziz Mohammed Khan (36). The death of the grandchild came to the grandmother as shock which she could not bear and she too died of a heart attack.

The shocking incident was brought to the notice of police by Sajid’s grandmother Khatoon B (50) who resided with her son Aziz and grandson Sajid in Kansai Gaon, Bhim Nagar, Ambernath (East). She registered a complaint in the Shivaji Nagar Police station against her own son who killed her grandson.

Aziz who is a driver by profession returned home on Saturday night at around 11 pm and as he learnt that his 10-year- old son who happens to be in the 4th std did not attend school started beating the kid with a wooden stick. The kid was beaten upto such an extent that he could not bear and died in a little while. When the grandmother Khatoon learnt of this incident she registered an FIR against her son but it was a loss that she could not bear and she suffered a heart attack. She was rushed to the nearest hospital by her relatives where she was declared dead before admission.

A police official from Shivaji Nagar Police station said; ” We have arrested the accused under Section 302 (Murder) of IPC for killing his own son”.

This incident may be taken as one of those instances when the parents remove their frustration on their kids which results in severe consequences and losses for them as well as the entire family. The poor kid who lost his life was hardly of 10 years with a little understanding of things around and might have never thought that skipping school for one day will cost him his life.



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