Ragini MMS 2

Starring: Sunny Leone, Pravin Dabas, Karan Mehra, Sandhya Mridul, Divya Dutta.

Director: Bhushan Patel. Release Date: 21.03.14

Rating: ** ½

Ragini MMS 2

Sharmila Mishra

A punch line on the film poster of Ragini MMS2 says- “Do Mein Zyada Maza Hai”. Perhaps this truly applies to the film. Sex with horror is the key to the initial success of the movie that actually pulled the audience at cinema halls. Many of the college students (boys & girls) came to see the morning show 9.30am at a cinema hall in Mumbai and I was surrounded with these youngsters. Perhaps this young crowd had lots of hope from the Sunny Leone and of course she tried her best to meet the expectations which could be seen on the face of audience.

The film has lots of abusing words and many kissing scenes. We can say it’s a blend of entertainment, sex & horror. This is a sequel of the Ragini MMS but this time script is little different. Earlier there was a real Ragini who goes to a haunted house along with her boy friend but this time a team of film maker goes to shoot their movie named Ragini MMS2 at the same haunted place. Sunny Leone is the centre of attraction in the movie.

Title begins with Hanuman Chaalisaa in the movie. Story is about a film director (Pravin Dabas) who wants to make a film on Ragini who is in a mental hospital after her boyfriend’s murder at a haunted house. Director casts porn star Sunny Leone for the role of Ragini and wants to shoot his movie at the same haunted house. Twist comes when cast and crew reaches to that place for the film shoot. Ragini’s witch comes in the body of Sunny Leone and changes the entire thing there. She murders co-stars there but finally a psychiatrist doctor (Divya Dutta) finds the way and through Tantra-Mantra she compels witch to leave the body of Sunny and saves the remaining cast and crew of the movie there.

Director has tried to create horror scenes but didn’t meet the expectations and soon leaving audience to marvel at Sunny Leone’s fine lingerie collection. She walks around in lace lingerie, show ample cleavage and agree to be romanced by a supporting actor. Leone has been utilized single-mindedly in the film.

The fans of Sunny Leone can enjoy the movie. This is an average movie, can be seen once. Again we can say it’s a purely Sunny Leone’s movie.

Mumbai I 21.03.14


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