UNDERWORLD don Ejaz Lakdawala has in a shocking and explosive revealation, said that Maharashtra cadre IPS Deven Bharti works for the underworld. Earlier gangster Vijay Palande had also revealed the same. Ejaz Lakdawala is currently under custody of Anti Extortion Cell (AEC), Thane.

ABI is in possession of a video recording in which Ejaz Lakdawala states that Deven Bharti was in touch with Ejaz Lakdawala through Salim Maharaj. Ejaz Lakadawala was taking 50% of extorted money and 50% was taken by Salim Maharaj and Deven Bharti.

Shockingly, at that time the then Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Sanjay Barve had written a letter to Home Minister of Maharashtra on February 26, 2020 demanding action against Deven Bharti. According to Barve’s letter, Deven Bharti’s ties to underworld are harmful and dangerous for safety of Mumbai city, its citizens and even the police force.

Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rajendra Trivedi has demanded in writing to Maharashtra government that Deven Bharti should be immediately suspended and will be booked under MCOCA charges as Deven Bharti’s associates Salim Maharaja and Tariq Parveen are facing MCOCA charges.

Deven Bharti is currently posted at Maharashtra. State Security Corporation as Additional Director General of Police. It is shocking that it has been a year since Sanjay Barve’s letter to Home Minister of Maharashtra, and yet no action has been taken facing Bharti and that he is still continuing in his role as Additional Director General of Police.

NOTE : read soon detailed interview of Rajendra Trivedi on Deven Bharti- underworld link.

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3 years ago

Ips Deven Bharti must act according to Law