IT HAPPENS ONLY IN ULHASNAGAR: Owner of Saibaba Jewellers cheats people through DABBA trading; have a TANTRIK threatens victims


THE central police in Ulhasnagar-3 have registered a First Information Report (FIR) against Mukesh Valecha, owner of Sai Baba Jewellers for cheating a person in Dabba Trading business. Mukesh Valecha had also hired a Tantrik by the name of Shyam Tiwari to threaten victims if they dared to approach police. 

On September 30, 2020 Central police registered a FIR (No-0316/2020) under sections 420 and 506 of IPC against Mukesh Valecha alias Bholu on complaint of Vinay Chhabria. A copy of the FIR is available with ABI. 

According to the FIR, in January 2018 Mukesh Valecha forced and tricked Vinay Chhabria (34) to invest in his commodity market trading business (Dabba Trading) with the promise quick money and returns. Valecha told Chhabria that he will get 3% profit per month on the invested capital. Vinay Chhabria, a Jewellery maker by profession invested Rs 10 lakh in Valecha’s scheme. 

In February, next month, Valecha showed his true colours and told Chhabria that his money was lost due to fluctuations in the commodities market.  Valecha further suggested that if Chhabria wanted to save his invested money, he should invest some more money in the scheme. Chhabria, in this manner, adopted this and ended up investing Rs. 40 Lakhs more into Valecha’s scheme. In June Valecha once again told Chhabria that he should invest more money if he wanted to save invested money as his money has again been lost due to fluctuations in commodities market.

Chhabria realized that Valecha was cheating him and refused to invest any more money with him and demanded that his invested money be returned back to him. Valecha threatened Chhabria instead and told him that his invested money had been lost and he was more than capable of extorting the remaining money from Chhabria. “Mukesh Valecha ne mujhe dhamki di ki invest ki hui money bhool ja. Vo doob gayi aur upar ki money ko nikalana use aata hai,” said Chhabria.

Mukesh Valecha also told Vinay Chhabria that former gangster Pappu Kalani, sitting MLA Kumar Ailani, lady don Jaya Sadhwani, matka king Deepak Sonde and lottery (gambling) king Sumit Chakraborti are his partners and therefore no one can touch him. 

In July, Mukesh Valecha once again threatened Vinay Chhabria to hand over Rs 27 lakh to him. He also suggested to deposit his flat, shop or plot’s papers with him. Vinay Chhabria complained to Central police station against Mukesh Valecha. After police complaint Vinay Chhabria started getting threatening calls from a person named Shyam Tiwari. Shyam Tiwari threatened Chhabria and warned him to not approach the police else he would be killed and body will be thrown in Ulhas River.  

Sources say that Shyam Tiwari has a criminal past. In the day he lives in a temple as priest and in the night he performs housebreaking and sells stolen gold to Sai Baba Jewellers. He is also involved in tantra-mantra activities. 

According to Vinay Chhabria, Mukesh Valecha has cheated around 100 people adopting similar method but no one has dared to register police complaint against him. “I have registered FIR against Mukesh Valecha,” said Vinay Chhabria.

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