Over 100 girls are dancing at LAILA bar despite COVID-19-induced LOCKDOWN. Customers having a good time as Thane Police ignores this violation

DySP Madan Ballal and Kiran Shah

AKELA Bureau of Investigation (ABI) is in possession of a video clip which was shot last night at Laila dance bar located at Kongaon, Bhiwandi. More than 100 girls are dancing in the bar, flouting lockdown norms and other social distancing rules. The customers are enjoying the show without any issues as apparently action by Kongaon Police is not an issue for them.

ABI has been receiving a tip since last one month that Laila Dance Bar has been operating in full swing and on full capacity despite the norms and guidelines in place due to COVID-19. The informer claimed that he personally visited the bar and witnessed over a 100 girls indulging in objectionable acts and all customers were enjoying the same, in clear violation of government guidelines. Two days back, the informer shot a video after midnight where the girls can clearly be seen dancing.

Laila bar is located at Kalyan Naka, Kongaon, under Kongaon police station jurisdiction in Bhiwandi, Thane. There are three categories of dance floors at the Bar. One is for special customers (police, builder, bookie and criminal) of the bar. Kongaon police, Social Service Branch, Crime Branch or special squad of ACP, DCP and Additional CP are fully aware about the operation of the bar, but all of them either turn a blind eye to such blatant irregularities or have no guts to raid the bar for reasons best known to them. However this reporter heard through the grapevine and gossip channels that Madan Ballal, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP), attached with ACB, Thane is also a sleeping partner in this establishment. If any police officer tries to take action against the bar, Madan Ballal manages him misusing power entrusted to him due to his position of being DySP in ACB.

The Bar belongs to a person named Kiran Shah. He was once a small time police informer, but he suddenly became popular among personnel at Thane Police Headquarters, Thane Crime Branch and Mantralaya, Mumbai. Kiran Shah is responsible for supply of Currency and Leather currency to department officials, through his UNCLE, Nitin Sontakke. This reporter does not personally know who this uncle or person is.

To impress police officials and other government officials, Kiran Shah boldly misrepresents facts and introduces himself as a Central Government Officer. He has also written “Government of India” on his car. However he is just an Ordinary Member of The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and as such has no affiliations with Government of India.

One thing to note is that Kiran Shah, had once, also fired a weapon at his partner, in Kalyan, but Thane police department took no action against him and neither did they cancel his arms licence.

As Laila Bar is owned by Kiran Shah, a person who wields such a tremendous influence in Thane Police, and who has backing of Madan Ballal, it is no wonder that the customers can have a good time at the Laila Bar, without any worries of police action.

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