Starring: Kangana Ranaut, Vir Das, Piyush Mishra
Director: Sai Kabir,  Released Date: 25.04.14
Rating: ***

revolver rani

Sharmila Mishra

THE story is about a Chambal’s lady dacoit Alka Singh (Kangana Ranaut) who is also involved in politics under the supervision of her maternal uncle (Piyush Mishra). She is loaded with revolvers and always ready for shootouts. She is a brutal dacoit but falls in love with a bollywood’s struggling actor Rohan Kapoor (Vir Das) and having physical relations with him. People used to call her Baanjh (women who can’t be mother) but suddenly she comes to know about her pregnancy. Her life is now full of joy and she plans to marry Rohan and wants to settle abroad to start a new life as a good mother and as a good wife but on the other side Rohan wants to make his career in bollywood and not willing to do so. On the way to airport for abroad, both stays in a hotel where the goons send by the enemies start shootouts in the night. She escapes her from all of them and encounter beautifully but finally shot dead by her husband.

Revolver in hand, wearing special designed imported cloths, having perfect body language of a dacoit with a feel of madness are some of the key features of the character of Kangana in the movie. After grand success of recent release Queen, Kangana Ranaut is back once again with a character that needs guts and a certain kind of spark to set the screen on fire. The beauty of this character increases when it is picturised in Chambal. Director Sai Kabir sets the mood perfectly with real locations and touches the local language and of course tried to showcase the real life political scenario of Chambal area in Madhya Pradesh.

As a Revolver Rani in the character, she has given many powerful shots in the beginning and of course at the end of the movie but in between story becomes little slow and boring. Kangana puts her best in the movie but she could have done it better if script allows her to do more. Vir Das has performed well in the role of a struggling bollywood actor. Piyush Mishra shows his mastery over the art. He captures your attention in total effect. The other goons like Zakir Hussain, Pankaj Saraswat and Kumud Mishra have also performed nicely.

In nut shell, Revolver Rani is a nicely written tragedy. Kangana has tried to catch the attention of audience till end. It is a good maar-dhaad and entertainment movie but could be better. It has an eye opening scene in the ending that actually catches the attention.

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