Builder Vikas Oberoi
Builder Vikas Oberoi


A Navi Mumbai based lawyer, Yogesh D Bhardwaj allegedly used his real sister to falsely implicate his brother-in-law Mohit Chandra Bhardwaj, on behest of noted builder Vikas Oberoi and T S Natrajan. The Meghwadi police in Mumbai and Turbhe police in Navi Mumbai, who are hand in gloves with Yogesh, allegedly booked Mohit under section 377 (unnatural Sex) and other sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC).


41-year-old Mohit Bhardwaj a shipping and derivatives businessman is a resident of Oberoi Splendor, Jogeshwari (east). Oberoi Splendor was constructed by famous and controversial builder Vikas  Oberoi. The builder did not construct the buildings properly, violating several BMC norms and cheated to the buyers. The buyers united against Oberoi and formed Oberoi Splendor Flat Owners Association (OSFOA). Mohit Bhardwaj, a well-educated and experienced person, also a retired CEO of a Shipping Company, is leading this association.

Yogesh D Bhardwaj
Yogesh D Bhardwaj

On September 3, 2013 Meghwadi police registered an MECR (copy available with ABI) against Vikas Oberoi, sales manager Rochelle Chatterjee and his construction company M/S Oberoi Reality Ltd., under sections 341, 406, 420, 465, 468, 471, 506 (II) read with sections 107, 109 and 120(B) of the IPC, Section 13 of the M.O.F. Act (MOFA)-1963, section 52 of the Maharastra Regional Town Planning (MRTP) act.

On April 5, 2014, the Borivali Metropolitan Magistrate court issued an arrest warrant against Vikas Oberoi, Rochelle Chatterjee, Bhagwati Raghani and Dinesh Nigudkar for failing to attend court proceedings on a timely basis in another matter.

Mohit Bhardwaj has also registered FIR (No 140/ 2014) (copy available with ABI) against his brother –in-law Yogesh Bhardwaj, Dhanesh Bhardwaj and Vishal Sharma on May 9, 2014 under sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 380 (theft in dwelling house), 448 (house-trespass), 506 (2) (criminal intimidation) and 34 of IPC in Meghwadi police station.

To avenge Mohit, Yogesh Bhardwaj, T.S Natrajan and Vikas Oberoi united and planned to implicate him. Yogesh, the real brother of Mohit’s wife Dr Sushmita (name changed), misguided her. He brain washed her saying that Mohit, booked her father and him and also stated that Mohit is in a relationship with another women. So Yogesh wants to teach him a lesson of behalf of the family. Yogesh obtained signatures from Sushmita, who is associated with an international NGO, on five pages written note in Marathi language. He produced those papers in Turbhe police station, Navi Mumbai and registered FIR (No-00/2014) under sections 498 (A), 377, 406, 323, 506 and 504 of IPC against Mohit Bhardwaj.


Sushmita and Mohit were shocked when they read about the matter in News Papers. They came to know that Sushmita had registered FIR against Mohit in Turbhe police station of unnatural sex and dowry. Later, Sushmita came to know that Yogesh had used her email Id to send details including photos of Mohit to newspapers.

“I am permanently living with my husband.  I have no serious complaints against him. My brother Yogesh and others in his loop misguided me and took my signatures on a five pages note, which they produced in police station,” said Sushmita.

Mohit Chandra Bhardwaj with his wife
Mohit Chandra Bhardwaj with his wife

As the FIR was registered under 00 (zero zero) in Turbhe police station it was scheduled to be transferred to Meghwadi police station.

On April 17, 2014 Sushmita submitted an affidavit (copy available with ABI) in advance before Meghwadi police station informing that she had not registered any FIR against her husband. But Meghwadi police ignored her affidavit and registered FIR against Mohit Bhardwaj. Sushmita had detailed in the affidavit, how Yogesh and others have misguided and cheated her.

Mohit Bhardwaj got an anticipatory bail from the court even before the FIR was registered at Turbhe police station. He complained (copy available with ABI) against officials of Meghwadi and Turbhe police stations to several authorities.

“I have complained against officials of Meghwadi and Turbhe police stations. These officials are hand in gloves with Yogesh Bhardwaj and Vikas Oberoi,” said Mohit

In February 2014, Mohit had written to Turbhe and Meghwadi Police stations in advance, stating the possibility of false complaint at behest of Yogesh Bhardwaj who had kept his family captive and coercing and emotionally blackmailed them to make false allegations in order to subdue him and also to protect himself from Rape and extortion cases filed against him.


The past of Yogesh Bhardwaj:

1- On June 21, 2005 Yogesh Bhardwaj was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife Prachi. On March 30, 2003 his wife was found murdered in her house in Khoparkhairane in Navi Mumbai.

2- Yogesh Bhardwaj was arrested by Vashi police in May 2014 for allegedly uploading vulgar pictures of a city based woman.  Yogesh was arrested under Section 66A of the Information Technology Act.

3- The same woman had earlier accused Yogesh of rape, cheating and trying to extort money. An FIR for extortion is also registered at Vashi police station.

4- As per records (copy available with ABI)  of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa, since 2002 to till date six FIRs have been registered against Yogesh Bhardwaj for murder, rape , extortion, kidnapping, robbery, dowry, destroying  evidence and house trespass to hurt.

5- Yogesh Bhardwaj claims to be a lawyer while obtaining certificate (Sanad) had not disclosed his previous conviction or else Sanad would not have been issued to him as per Advocates act 1961. (Bar council Order dated 9th May 2014 (copy available with ABI)).

Justifying his side Yogesh Bhardwaj said, “I respect my brother-in-law Mohit Bhardwaj. He is the ideal Jijaji for me. He is simple, educated and hardworking. But now he has forgotten his target. He has affairs with women so he is torturing my sister.”

“My sister is a well-educated lady. She is born and brought up in Mumbai. She has completed her education from 1st standard to 10th in Marathi language securing 71% marks. How can she say that she does not know Marathi? She is giving a wrong statement,” he added.

“I have only seen pictures of Vikas Oberoi. He is a cheater builder. I will face all the allegations imposed on me,” said Yogesh.

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[…] July 17, 2014 ABI has published an article under headline, “Lawyer uses sister to implicate brother-in-law under section 377 on behest of builder Vikas Oberoi.” That article got huge response (2,935 likes and 70, 338 readers till last week) in social media […]