Abdul Rashid
Abdul Rashid

THE officials of Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) in Customs department today arrested a man named Abdul Shah with 1kg gold a worth of Rs 30 lakh. The accused is a resident of Kerala and arrived from Sharjah.

Shah would smuggle gold all the way from Sharjah in a very unique way. To save himself from getting caught at the security check scanning machine he would stick the gold bars to the bottom of the luggage trolley with the help of a tape. But this time it was probably his bad luck. He had succeed in clearing the security check as always but when he reached the taxi stand outside the station one of the bars fell from the trolley and a policeman noticed it and informed his seniors about it and then Shah was arrested by the authorities.

In this year there have been many such cases of gold smuggling have come to the limelight. The first case in the year was on the on January 5, 2014 when the AIU had recovered worth Rs. 67 lakhs from four passengers in separate cases at the international airport. The four people arrested in this case were Abdul Bawa Fakir Apkar, who arrived from Riyadh, Mohammed Sharif Jafar Bapu, who arrived from Dubai, Sayed Mozim Raza, who had come from Bangkok.

The second case was on the February 12, 2014 wherein gold worth Rs. 97 lakhs was seized from two people namely, Sayyed Mohammad Abbas and Fahad Chaugule.

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