Ajay Tripathi
AJAY Murlidhar Tripathi, the Managing Director (MD) of Grower’s Multi Solutions Private Limited

Krishna Pujari

AJAY Murlidhar Tripathi, the Managing Director (MD) of Grower’s Multi Solutions Private Limited Company allegedly molested his 22-year-old female employee on several occasions. Once, when victim protested, on order of the MD the entire staff slapped her and also male staff threatened to rape her.

On June 23, 2014, Sazia Khan (name changed to protect the victim’s identity) complained (copy available with ABI), against Tripathi at the Bhandup police station. Sazia, a resident of Bhiwandi, Thane, was employed with Grover’s Multi Solutions Private Limited, located at the Dream The Mall, Bhandup (west), for the last seven months. According to Sazia, Tripathi molested her on several occasions, but she ignored fearing of losing her job.

Sazia said, “Tripathi molested me on several occasions, threatening to fire me from the job if I disobeyed his orders”. Sazia’s husband is director in same company.

When she could not bear the assault anymore, she narrated the incident to her husband. When her husband approached Tripathi, he threatened him and asked him to keep mum, or else he would fire Sazia and impose false implications on him, and if they took any actions against him the consequences would be very bad.

On June 6, 2014 at around 8 pm, Tripathi called Sazia to the office in the pretext of signing a cheque, but started misbehaving with her. When Sazia could not take the bad behaviour, she opposed and slapped Tripathi. “I slapped him in front of the whole staff, when he was trying to molest me”, said Sazia.

According to the complaint when Sazia slapped Tripathi, he ordered the whole staff to slap her. One of the staff members went upto an extent of snatching her dupatta, slapping her and threatening to rape her. At around 8.45 pm Sazia along with her husband approached the Bhandup police station to register a complaint, but the on duty officer denied stating that he was busy in a meeting with the DCP.

Sazia also alleged that since that incident, Tripathi is continuously threatening of killing her husband. When she had no option she had to approached the police.

When contacted, Tripathi said, ‘I am not aware about any police complaint. I have no idea. There is 30 to 35 member staff in my office; you can inquire about the incident with them. All allegations on me are false.”

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