Gopinath Munde

Ranjit Mahanti

IT has been found that Gopinath Munde’s car driver was in hurry to reach airport and he had jumped the red signal, consequently crashed with the Indica car approaching from the other end.The other side a Delhi court granted bail to the driver of the Indica car Gurminder Singh on surety and a personal bond of Rs 30,000.

According to Delhi police sources Munde’s driver was in hurry to reach airport. He was driving car in a speed of 60-70 kmph. The car jumped the red light signal and encountered a white Indica car coming from the other end. The driver of the Indica car applied brakes but the car skidded and smashed into the left-hand side of Munde’s car, where the minister was sitting and reading newspaper. The driver of the Indica car immediately dialled emergency number and waited for the help to arrive.

A senior police official told media that the Indica car which jumped the traffic signal at Aurobindo Chowk collided with the Maruti Suzuki SX4 in which Munde was travelling towards Safdarjung road from Prithviraj road.The Indica car was coming towards Tughlaq road, a little over a km from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official residence, and hit Munde’s car toward’s the passenger side where Munde was sitting. Munde fell on the seat immediately. Because of the sudden Impact his head and body got big jerk.

Delhi Police interrogated the driver of Indica car and concluded that it was mistake of Munde’s driver that resulted in the accident but Indica car driver was arrested for negligence and rash driving. A Delhi court grants bail to the driver Gurminder Singh of the Indica car on surety and a personal bond of Rs 30,000.

Munde’s post mortem report..

As the post mortem report says his Liver got hurt and that leads to Heart attack. It is to be noted that the 63-year-old Munde was diabetic. He suffered liver rupture, lost 1-2 litres of blood. Lower back was broken at C 1 n C 2. Liver ruptured which caused internal bleeding. Due to sudden shock/ impact, he then suffered cardiac arrest. The impact forced Munde to fall forward and his had struck on the front seat, resulting in injuries to his nose and face. None of the external wound was found, fatal enough to cause death.

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