NAAM BADE AUR DARSHAN CHHOTE: Top businessmen in NCPA building make unauthorised alteration in their flats; BMC officials go for inspection and return after taking CHAI PAANI…



THE Apsara Co-operative Housing Society better known as NCPA Apartment at Nariman Point, South Mumbai; home to some of the top industrialists and businessmen in the country is in the news but for wrong reasons. It is alleged that the occupants of the flats in the society have carried out unauthorised modifications and alterations within their flats without taking permission of concerned authorities and the BMC. It is said that the BMC officials visited the building to carry out inspection of the flats, but they returned without taking any action whatsoever, after taking Chai-Paani and other forms of illegal gratification.

Notable and eminent personalities and stalwarts of the industry own flats in the society, some of the more notable ones are: 1– Ajit Gulabchand – Owner of Hindustan Construction Company, 2– Ramesh Tulsiyani – Owner of Tulsiyani Builders, 3– Yes Bank Owner Rana Kapoor (currently cooling heels in jail in a fraud case), 4– Kotak Bank owner Uday Kotak, 5– PBS Bank Chairman Shantanu Sengupta, 6– Bajaj Finance owner Madhukar Bajaj, 7– Bhilai Steel owner Vinu Jain, 8– Actor Bobby Deol’s wife Tanya Deol, 9– Broker Ravi Wasvani, 10– Fraud Harish Mittal, 11– Hotelier Ravi Ghai and many more.

A flat owner of the society recently observed that a lot of flat owners have carried out illegal alterations in their flats. ABI intends to publish the next story with details of the work carried out illegally. The flat owner complained through a social worker to the BMC demanding action be taken against persons who have carried out these illegal alterations and modifications in their flats. BMC as well as BEST officials inspected the NCPA apartment last week but returned after taking CHAI PAANI.

ABI contacted a resident of the apartment, who laughed at the matter and questioned whether BMC officials or any government authorities have guts to take action on residents of the NCPA Building. “Maloom hai hamari building mein kitni badi badi hastiyaan rahti hain. BMC ya police ki aukaat nahin hai action lene ki. BMC aur BEST ke adhikari aaye they. Chai Paani lekar chale gaye,” he said.

Madhukar Bajaj is Chairman and Harish Mittal is the Secretary of the society. All alteration/changes have been made with their knowledge.

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