MANISH Bhatija, a builder and developer based out of Navi Mumbai, is developing a posh construction project in Ulhasnagar in true Ulhasnagar style, bypassing rules and regulations. For his project, he has diverted the direction of a local sewarage drain, to complete his project, thereby endangering lives of local residents.

A very senior councilor from Shiv Sena party Rajendra Singh Bhullar ‘Maharaj’ has complained to civic authorities to take note of the issue and take necessary and appropriate actions.

On February 22, 2021 Maharaj submitted a written complaint to several wings of Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) as well as the Commissioner. The complaint copy is available with ABI. “Yes I have complained against diversion of sewerage by Sai Paradise developer. I can approach Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) and Bombay High Court also to look into the matter,” said Maharaj.

Bhullar Maharaj
Bhullar Maharaj

There was a company called Harmon Mohta at Ulhasnagar-1, Prabhag-3 in Ulhasnagar, Thane. Sitting city BJP MLA Kumar Ailani purchased the company and started construction on the said land by name of Kumar Lawns. Later Ailani sold the project to Manish Bhatija. Manish Bhatija is a resident of Navi Mumbai and owns a company called Sai Paradise. Currently the project is being completed under the Sai Paradise banner. There will be four towers of 26 stories each as well as commercial galas.

Encroaching and constructing on nullahs, public toilets, garden and reserve plots is fashion and customary in Ulhasnagar. It is no big deal for land mafias who disguise themselves as builders. Manish Bhatija also did the same and diverted the nullah’s directions. During monsoon season Valmiki Nagar, Shahad and surrounding area will be badly affected and thousands will be in danger.

The project cost is around Rs 500 crore and sources said the builder paid around Rs 1.50 crore to civic authorities to turn a blind eye towards several irregularities in the project.

“I will check the matter. I will check the DP plan. If the developer has changed the direction of sewerage without permission of civic authority, we will take necessary action,” said Dr Yuvraj Bhadane, Public Relation Officer (PRO) UMC.

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