Road Mishap

Bhagyashree Phodkar

THE Thane Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACL) has awarded a compensation of Rs 13.10 lakh to a couple who lost their young son in a road accident in 2012 in Navi Mumbai. The compensation of Rs 13.10 lakh included loss of dependency (Rs 12, 75,000) and Rs 15,000 incurred on the deceased’s funeral.

The couple, Rambaran Yadav (50) and his wife Pholandevi (48) lost their son Bhola (26) in a mishap on January 7, 2012 in Turbhe MIDC area. Bhola worked as a tea delivery boy at a hotel.

Couple hails from Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh has filed an application for compensation before the Tribunal. According to the application, Bhola was knocked down by the vehicle when he was crossing the road to deliver tea to a company located opposite the hotel. He died on the spot.

Tribunal member and District Judge K D Vadane recently ordered the two respondents – Kunjkrishna Nambiar, owner of the Tata pick-up van involved in the accident, and New India Assurance Company–to jointly make the payment to the claimant. The vehicle owner and the insurance company contested the claim and found fault with the deceased. They prayed to the Tribunal that the claim be dismissed.

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