AKBAR Kayamat Badshah
AKBAR Kayamat Badshah


AKBAR Kayamat Badshah, a Pakistani origin and 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blast accused wants to convert ‘Sewree’ into ‘Pathanwadi’. Akbar has 19 criminal cases registered against him for continuously torturing/ terrorising the residents to sell their properties to him and vacate the area. Akbar a moneylender by profession claims that he will change Sewree into Pathanwadi and the local police station Rafi Ahmed Kidwai (RAK) Marg is helping him achieve his target.

Mohammed Shafi Mohammed Punjabi (38) a resident of Sewree Cross Road, Sewree has a bitter taste of both Akbar and the RAK Marg police station. Shafi has registered three FIRs and 18 NCs against Akbar and his family members. ABI (abinet.org) possesses all the necessary evidence.

Akbar is a resident of Adamjee Jivajee Chawl in Sewree. His forefathers had come to Mumbai from Pakistan. Akbar, a 1993 Mumbai serial blast accused was also interrogated for 20 days by Gujarat police in Akshardham temple blast case. Shafi’s brother Gulam Mohammed Punjabi says that Akbar claims that he will turn Sewree into Pathanwadi. “Main sabko maar-maar kar iss area se bhaga dunga aur isse Pathanwadi bana dunga,” Akbar said to Gulam.

According to the police complaints (copy available with ABI) Shafi has a small living room and a small shop worth of Rs. 1 crore. Shafi runs a business of supplying building material. 10 years back Akbar offered Shafi to sell shop and the room to him. Shafi normally refused his proposal and since then Akbar has made his family’s life a living hell.

Shafi alleged that on several occasions Akbar stole his handcarts and building materials. Pelted stones and meat on the rooftop. Several times Akbar thrashed his workers and forced them to quit the job. The situation is so bad that no one is ready to work for Shafi.

Whenever Akbar passes from nearby the shop, he abuses Shafi and his wife in a filthy language. He threatens Shafi showcasing a revolver hidden in his cloths. Shafi had to install CCTV cameras in the shop to put a halt to the threatening.

1- Akbar allegedly started this modus-operand in1992 after attacking the owner of Nizami Darbar hotel in Sewree with knife. After the attempt to murder incident, hotel owner sold the hotel in Rs. 4 lakhs to Akbar, although real (market) value of hotel was Rs. 40 lakhs.

2- A Maharashtrian family also sold their house in Rs. 2.5 lakhs, although the real (market) value of house was Rs. 15 lakhs.

3- A lady was killed in the area. Akbar claimed that she was the “keep” of his father and had taken the possession of three rooms.

Mohammed Shafi

Shafi has registered four NCs against Akbar in the Antop Hill police station. Shafi’s son runs a telephone booth at Antop Hill. Akbar and his brothers goes there abuses and threatens him.

Akbar registered one MECR (Magistrate Enquiry Crime Register) of attempt to rape against Shafi and his seven family members including females. He created a false story (scene) that Shafi and his family members broke a mirror and asked his daughter to dance on pieces of glass, saying “Naach Bansanti Naach.” All accused succeeded to get anti-cipatory bail. In the second FIR of thrashing, police arrested Shafi. After the FIR was registered, Shafi met officers of RAK Marg police station producing evidence that at the time of the crime he was in High Court with his lawyer and a Police Sub-Inspector (PSI). Officer said to Shafi that he is aware that FIR is false and forced him to get arrested and produce evidence in the court. “Officer ne kaha ki mujhe maloom hai FIR jhootha hai. Lekin pahle tum arrest ho jao aur saboot court me dekar chhoot jao,” said Shafi.

The RAK Marg police are investigating under section 151 against Akbar, for the last two years. Every time the police gives the same excuse that the public prosecutor (PP) is not available.

“Jab bhi hum RAK Marg police station jaate hain. Police kahti hai ki hum Akbar par section 151 (tadipaar) laga rahe hain lekin PP hi nahin milta. Do saal se police ek hi dialogue suna rahi hai,” said Shafi.

Recently, on November 16, 2014 Akbar again abused and threatened Shafi. He approached the RAK Marg police station. Instead of registering offence against Akbar police handed over a notice under section 149 to Shafi threatening that if he seen again in police station he will be arrested.

Akbar’s nephew Amirzada is also a petty criminal in area. He steals fruits or other things and also abuses shop owners. Recently someone approached RAK Marg police station to file FIR against him. Police said to him that he is minor. After two months he will be major. Come after two months and then we will register the FIR against him.

Huge arms seizure

In December 2012, Wadala Truck Terminal (WTT) police arrested Akbar and his son Bazzu Uzaman Akbar Badshah alias Suka alias Pasha along with two others (Amir Shaikh and Rahim Khan), with five pistols (two US made), one revolvers, 36 live cartridges, nine swords, two choppers, two sickles, three daggers and four knives, one axe and one Vastara from his residence. Later, they managed to get a bail from the court.

Pasha arrested once again

On July 3, 2013, Mulund police arrested Bazzu Uzaman Akbar Badshah alias Suka alias Pasha for kidnapping, torturing and slashing his wife all over her body, slashing her face, neck and arms with the blade, leaving a mesh of about 100 surface injuries on her skin.

Pasha was charged under a slew of sections of the IPC — 323 (hurt), 324 (hurt by dangerous weapons), 341 (wrongful restraint), 342 (wrongful confinement), 366 (kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage), 387 (putting person in fear of death or of grievous hurt, in order to commit extortion), 506(2) (criminal intimidation), 34 and sections three and 25 of the Arms Act. During the search operation, Mulund police seized three revolvers from his residence.

Akbar’s forefathers were from Pakistan and he and his sons visit Pakistan many times. Such criminals pose a threat to the society and the security of the nation, and our police help them instead of putting them behind the bars.

Officials speaks

“The complaints are very old. There is no new complaint. We are waiting for new complaint. We are waiting for that opportunity. If found will extern him. Hum raah dekh rahe hain. Tadipaar me PP ki jarurat nahin padti. Meet me and discuss on the issue,” said Arun Vitthal Inarkar, Senior Inspector, RAK Marg police station.

Despite repeated attempts Akbar was not available for comments. A lady who claimed herself as wife of Akbar said, “I am Akbar’s wife but cannot reveal name as I will be famous. All complaints are bogus. My husband Akbar is so famous and residents are jealousy. Famous aadmi ke khilaf complaints to hoti rahti hai,” she said.

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sanjiv kokil
sanjiv kokil
9 years ago

Very serious issue. . ..what dcp is waiting for. ….

9 years ago

Yes DCP have to take a serious action aganist it.

9 years ago

so bad