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A party song for Gay community was recorded for Bhoomika Productions maiden Hindi feature film, based on Gay community “Dil Mangey Kuchh Aur “on  March 19 at Studio Kailasha, Andheri (W), in voice of singer Nakash Aziz (film R..Rajkumar ‘Sadi ke Fall Sa’ fame), under baton of music director Abhi Gadwe and Shree Gathe (Remix album ‘Baby Doll & Party To Banti Hai’ fame) with lyrics by Gopal Sharma.


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Film is being produced by Rohit Kumar and Neeta Garbade  Film is directed by Rajesh Dubeay with screenplay by Niranjan Bhudhadara. Executive Producer is Anil Pawar.  Producers have earlier made many short films and this is their first full length feature film. Films cast are under finalization and will go on floor by end of this month. Producers Rohit and Neeta feels that this song based on Gays will play role of a bridge to bring Gays closer to society.

Film Dil Mangey Kuchh Aur  is based on Gay community, how they get attracted towards each other and how they get married. Debutant director Rajesh Dubey said he is trying to show reality on life of Gay community, he also feels that if entire Gay Community who are enrolled in voter list go for voting they will vote for a stable government. Rajesh Dubeay has earlier directed Tv serials like ‘Mere Apne’ starring Vinod Khanna for 9X, ‘Vivah’ starring Anju Mahendru for ZTV and ‘Waris’ starring Kiran Kumar, Ashish Vidyarthi for ZTV and made a film on naxalism for Film festival which was highly acclaimed.

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