Totan Biswas alias Bengali in burqa
Totan Biswas alias Bengali in burqa

Ranjit Mahanti

AFTER arrest of an accused the Dadar police have claimed to solve the murder case of security guard of Rajshree Production Private Limited company. The accused have criminal background. He killed his colleague over mobile phone dispute.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Dhananjay Kulkarni on Monday told media about arrest of the accused. The accused identified as Totan Biswas alias Bengali (35). He was employed by Facility Service a private security company.

Victim Mehndi Imam Fazal Imam
Victim Mehndi Imam Fazal Imam

On March 11, Shivaji Sopan Jawalkar, manager of Rajshree production has registered FIR about murder of 76-year-old Mehndi Imam Fazal Imam. Police has recovered decomposed body of Imam from Rajshree’s office at Bhavana building, Prabha Devi. His body was found on a loft in the pantry of the office. During investigation police found that Imam’s colleague Biswas was missing since the incident. Police team rushed to his native place Kolkata but he was not found. Imam’s family members told police that he may be hiding at his Uncle Keshav Bhandari’s home in Madanpura near Indo-Bangladesh border. Police went there and found him.

Biswas has allegedly said in his interrogation that on the night of March 9, he went to the Rajshri Productions office while under the influence of alcohol. He then used Imam’s cell phone to make a call, and Imam told him to use his own phone, which led to an argument. In the heat of the argument, Biswas allegedly strangled Imam to death and dragged his body to the loft, after which he fled the scene.

The police said that his arrest also helped prevent another murder, as he had gone to Kolkata with the intention of avenging the murder of his cousin brother after committing the crime in Mumbai.

The police team that had gone to Kolkata went on to uncover Biswas’ violent criminal background. They learned that last year, he had shot at his wife over a domestic argument and had been booked for the same, and that his cousin brother had subsequently been murdered by his wife’s relatives.

Further inquiries in Mumbai as well as in Kolkata also revealed that Biswas had withdrawn Rs 22000 from his bank account in small installments over a period of few days, and had given the money to his friend, telling him to buy a gun.

“He has said during interrogation that after killing Imam, he knew that he would be caught soon and decided to settle old scores before the law caught up with him,” said Kulkarni.

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