Patuk Technical High School and Junior College
Patuk Technical High School and Junior College

Bhagyashree Phodkar

A retired assistant commissioner of police (ACP) allegedly thrashed a sexual assault victim’s father in front of the school principal recently. The victim’s father complained at least 46 times along with a demand for action against the retired ACP, but nothing happened. The senior inspector of the Vakola police station even claimed that the case was not going forward because it was the victim’s father who was not co-operating with the investigation.

A student of Patuk Technical High School and Junior College in Vakola, Santacruz (East), was sexually assaulted by two schoolmates. The student’s father approached the school trustee and principal to complain against the accused students. On March 25, while the victim’s father was sitting in front of the principal, a man appeared there. He introduced himself as ACP Cyrus Davierwala and started thrashing him, saying how had he dared to complain against the school and its students. He beat up the victim’s father black and blue.

The victim’s father rushed to the Vakola police station to register an FIR against Cyrus, but the police refused to register an FIR. Cyrus himself appeared at the police station and again threatened the victim’s father with dire consequences if he complained against him. The victim’s father then complained 46 times to several top police authorities but nothing happened.

“Cyrus thrashed me badly. He was drunk. I complained 46 times and met top cops but Vakola police refused to register FIR against Cyrus,” said victim’s father. “I killed and threw a Christian couple in Santacruz creek. I usurped their properties. I managed the Mumbai Police. Nothing happened. Now Vakola police is already managed. Nothing will happen with your complaints,” Cyrus claimed to victim’s father.

Cyrus’s claims came true. The father complained 16 times and met then Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria two times. Maria failed to take action against Cyrus. Fed up, the complainant also complained against Maria to then DGP Sanjiv Dayal for not taking action. He complained six times and met incumbent Commissioner of Police Ahmed Javed but Javed also failed to take action against Cyrus. He complained and met Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Deven Bharati one times, complained to zonal DCP four times, complained eight times and met divisional ACP four times, complained four times and met three times the then Senior Inspector Vilas Joshi, and Inspector Uttam Kadlag received 15 letters but nothing happened.

Oberoi Tata Project Borivali

In 2007, The Mumbai Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) had arrested CyrusDavirwala and two businessmen, Kishore Wadhwani and Anil Sharma red-handed at the Azad Maidan police station when they were attempting to pay API Mahendra Janrao a bribe of Rs 5 lakh.  Cyrus was later suspended.

On September 4, Vakola police recorded statement (copy with ABI) of victim’s father but Senior Inspector of Police Mahadeo Dattaram Wavalegave a very irresponsible reply. When ABI contacted him, Wavale said, “Victim’s father is not cooperating with us in investigations.” ABI reminded him that the victim’s father has complained more than 46 times and met several top cops but Wavale replied that he was not aware about the complaints.

“I met and complained Wavale too. The taking action on Cyrus was so far even he failed to reply me till date that if accused have been arrested and chargesheet has been filed,” said victim’s father.
On October 27, ABI ( published an article under headline “Student sodomised 12 times in school toilet by two schoolmates, Vakola police do nothing” that reported the sexual assault on a 14-year-old boy, a resident of Santacruz (East) and student of Patuk Technical High School and Junior College, between June 2014 and September 2014 no less than 12 times in school toilets by his two schoolmates. After six months of the incident, it was only after cooling his heels at the police station on several occasions that he was finally able to get the police to register an FIR on March 27, 2015.

Fee waiver and money offer
Shockingly, after the incident, to save the reputation of the school, trustee Adil Patuk promised to pass the boy in the sixth-month exam and waive his fee. Patuk also forced the father of the victim to give an affidavit nothing had happened with his son. He also promised to pay Rs 2 lakh by cheque if he gave all this in writing.

“Patuk ne kaha ki agar main likhkar deta hun to wo mere bete ki fees maaf kar denge, mujhe 2 lakh rupaye cheque se payment aur bete ko exam me paas bhi kar denge,” said victim’s father.

On March 27, the victim’s father met sub-inspector Sanjay Pawar, who forced him not to register a complaint against the school. “Pawar ne mujhse kaha ki tumhari biwi pagal ho jayegi, tum case karte-karte pagal ho jaoge aur tera beta chhakka (hijda) jaisa bankar ghoomega,” said victim’s father.

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8 years ago

It is shocking. Are we living in jungle Raj .
How can a victim in a finance capital of India not get Justice??
High Court should take suo moto action and give justice to a poor man..
Otherwise common man would loose fate in our justice delivery system..