Dinesh Chandra Pandey
Dinesh Chandra Pandey


DINESH Chandra Pandey alias DC Pandey attached to Railway Protection Force (RPF), Mulund in Mumbai lost his job for allegedly using Right To Information (RTI) for getting some information from his own department. Unhappy with Pandey’s acts, Alok Bohra, the Senior Divisional Security Commissioner (Sr.DSC) of the Railway Protection Force, Mumbai Division on the Central Railway forced him to take compulsory retirement.

On October 10, 2014 Bohra issued a 10 page forced compulsory retirement letter (copy available with ABI) to Pandey. In letter Bohra has clearly mentioned that Pandey has committed crime by using RTI inside the department.

Pandey alleged that ever since Bohra had joined the department he was continuously harassing him. Fed up with Bohra’s act on February 12, 2014 Pandey himself wrote a letter (copy available with ABI) to Bohra demanding VRS (voluntary retirement scheme) but higher authorities refused to accept his conditional demands assuring him that no one (including Bohra) will harass him in future.

Well known as whistleblower in RPF department Pandey was repeatedly punished by department. Prior to this incident he almost lost his job thrice.

First punishment

In June 2008, Pandey was first forced to take compulsory retirement from the force because RPF authorities suspected him to be the source of Railway Samachar newspaper article. This leading newspaper in rail department had reported that how Rs 35 lakh was earned illegally by 14 RPF Senior Inspectors in Mumbai every month. From the total, about Rs 20 lakh was reportedly going to the then Inspector General (IG), B S Siddhu Mumbai RPF, as a cut. However, Pandey managed to get a stay on the dismissal from the Bombay High Court.

Second punishment

On February 2009, he was forced to take compulsory retirement again. This time for meeting a former RPF assistant commissioner of police (ACP) SR Reddy who was earlier dismissed for being corrupt. Pandey once again managed a stay order from the Bombay High Court.

Third punishment

In June 2010, Pandey was charged for delaying an Orissa-bound train. Nine months earlier, an Orissa-bound train had been delayed at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) for over 80 minutes.

A bogey for 72 RPF members had to be attached to the train. In reality, as last month’s reply to an RTI query to the RPF department showed, it was not Pandey but ‘shunting’ (the process of attaching a bogey to another) that was the reason behind the delay.

Now there is proof that he wasn’t behind the 2010 train delay, and that the RPF falsely accused him in 2008.

“Jab se Bohra Senior DSC bana hai tab se mujhe harass kar raha hai. Us se pareshan hokar maine khud VRS ke liye apply kiya tha, lekin department ne accept nahin kiya. Ab without reason usne mujhe forcibly retire kar diya. Mere retirement mein sirf 17 mahina baki hai. Bohra bahut corrupt officer hai. Main use chhodunga nahin,” said Pandey.

“I am in meeting. Call me later,” said Alok Bohra, Sr. DSC.

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Ramchandra Shridhar Karve

Majority of RPF employees are corrupt. They take Hafta from the hawkers operating at various railway stations of Mumbai’s Suburban System CR as well as WR. RPF Administration does not take cognizance of the complaints submitted to the SR DSC along with the photos of hawkers operating in the Station Premises. In 2011 November D.C.Pandey then under suspension had come to my house in Thane along with mr Tiwari another RPF employee attached to Thane Railway Station and had asked me as to how much money I expected for allowing hawkers belonging to their community to operate inside the Thane… Read more »

Ramchandra Shridhar Karve

RPF has committed crimes like Bail Band Scam and many others hence the corrupt RPF Personnel at Thane deserve stern punishment by way of Departmental action.

Ramchandra Shridhar Karve

When ever I complain about hawkers operating inside the station premises, Thane Stn’s RPF Personnel comment in their report that my complaints result in a waste of their time. It needs to be mentioned here that if the RPF Personnel stopped encouraging hawkers, there will be no need for me to complain. It is the duty of the RPF Officials to take cognizance of my complaints which forms a part of their work and for which they are paid.from Ramchandra Karve