Yogesh Bharadwaj
Yogesh Bhardwaj alias Chhotu

Ranjit Mahanti

IN an interesting order passed by City Civil Court, Dindoshi a brother-in-law (Saala) cannot post any materials/comments on social networking site Facebook against his brother-in-law (Jeeja).

The accused brother-in-law is identified as Yogesh Bhardwaj alias Chhotu an infamous lawyer and the complainant brother-in-law is Mohit Bhardwaj.

Last month, City Civil Court Judge S. B. Jagtap passed an order that Yogesh Bhardwaj cannot post any materials or comments against his brother-in-law Mohit Bhardwaj on any social networking sites.

There are trivial disputes going on between Mohit Bhardwaj and his family, taking advantage of which Yogesh continued to post obscene messages, comments and videos on Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social networking sites against Mohit.

“Yogesh posted disparaging, lewd and vulgar remarks about my parents, my wife and my daughter, which were false, fictitious, malicious and incorrect. He would label me as a criminal, murderer, rapist, etc. making false stories, threatening to file such false cases to subdue me and tarnish my image,” said Mohit.

ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) has published several articles time after time about Yogesh’s behaviour. Earlier, Yogesh used police to frame and harass Mohit. After investigation police found out that all allegations were false and filed as “B” summary report meaning that the case is bogus and malicious. Yogesh was not satisfied with his attempts of framing Mohit, so he started his online assault.

Mohit is highly educated, Chartered Marine Chief Engineer and Shipping/Financial Consultant. The post against him went viral in cyberspace and allegedly harmed Mohit’s reputation in society.

As per police records (copy available with ABI) since 2002 to till date eight FIRs have been registered against Yogesh alias Chhotu for murder, rape, extortion, kidnapping, robbery, dowry, destroying evidence and house trespass with intention to hurt. He was recently arrested by Vashi police for uploading lewd pictures of a law student.

Chhotu who claims he is lawyer by profession got admitted to a law college after time in jail for conviction of life imprisonment in murder case of his own wife. No “Sanad (an Indian government charter, warrant, diploma, patent or deed)” can be given to a person convicted of such serious offence. Yogesh adopted (always adopt) mischievous ideas of not reporting this conviction to the Bar council and fraudulently got Sanad. The Bar council has already passed order that Sanad is obtained by fraud and has placed the matter before three member committee to cancel the Sanad.

When contacted Yogesh said, “I have not seen the order copy. Send me scanned copy. I will comment later.”

“Yogesh has this habitual behaviour against me and has always tried his best to tarnish or damage my and my family’s image in society. The police should take strict action against it and the social networking sites need to have a tab of the posts on the websites so that it does not hamper an individual’s rights and personal space,” added Mohit.

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9 years ago


9 years ago

its a criminal or an Advocate doing all this???

9 years ago
Reply to  Ajay

^^^ What would the difference be….