Rupesh Jain
Rupesh Jain



THE Satta Bazaar is busy in playing bets across Mumbai on whether top bookie Jayanti Jain alias Jayanti Malad’s son Rupesh will get a bail or not. Sources said on Friday bookies accepted Rs. 70 crore bets on his release.

Jayanti Malad is top bookie of Mumbai. His son Rupesh was arrested by special squad of Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria on December 27, 2014, while accepting bets on India-Australia cricket match and KFC. Since then Rupesh is under police custody. Top bookies like Jayanti Malad, Devendra Kothari, Kishor Soni alias Pluto, Rajesh Malad, Amritsar, Amrish Thakkar, Nikunj Mulund and PD Mulund are absconding in the case. Sources said Pluto is hiding in Rajkot, Amrish Thakkar hiding in Mumbai, Devendra Kothari is hiding in Bikaner and few are in Surat and Goa.

On Friday Rupesh was produced in the Andheri court. The bookies were very much confident that Rupesh will get bail as Jayanti Malad is a big shot. He had “settled” the investigation officer Mritunjay Hiremath. Since the arrest, Rupesh was getting VIP treatment. On the first day, in the name of interrogation he was taken home and was kept there for five hours. While Rupesh was meeting his family members, a few police officials were guarding the building.

“Rupesh ka case jaise Hiremath saheb ko sone ki khadaan mil gayi hai. Itna achcha chance ab saheb ko kabhi nahin milega. Hiremath Saheb bhi hame ‘full co-operate’ kar rahe hain. Woh hamare good books mein hain,” said a bookie.

Reason don’t know, Mritunjay Hiremath failed to get password of computers seized from the betting spot. There are crucial information about bookies and their income in those systems.

In a normal chatting on Friday bookies started betting on his bail. Sources said bookies accepted Rs. 70 Crore bets on his release.

One of the bookies who earned Rs. 6 lakhs in betting told ABI (, that the rate of his release started with 50 paisa. Rs. 1 for Judicial Custody (JC) and for remand Rs. 4. Their plan got failed when an Additional Commissioner of Police interrupted into the matter and court granted him six days in police custody.

On December 20, 2014 at around 4am, special team raided flat number -904, 9th floor, Atlanta building in Malad. Police seized Rs. 17 lakh cash, US dollars, 40 kilogram silver, 60 mobile phones, 15 landline phones, LCD screens and laptops from the spot. Police also seized two ‘recorders’ from the spot.

Their income was Rs. 6.5 crore from there, per day.

During investigations, arrested accused revealed that they were accepting bets from Pakistan, Dubai, Australia and other countries. They had connected seven lines to Pakistan only.

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