Victim Krishna Pujari

DHANAJI Shivaji Nalawade, a Senior Police Inspector at DN Nagar police station in Andheri (West), is an accused for ‘molesting’ a female complainant. Nalawade allegedly asked a female complainant to show him ‘live’ how she was molested. After repeated and forceful commands to act out the molestation, the woman pushed her own breast. Moreover, Nalawade refused to register an FIR despite her complaint.

On July 8, Priti Lamba (name changed to protect identity) met the newly appointed Joint Commissioner of Police, Deven Bharti, to complain against a man, Shafi Sayyed. According to the complaint, Priti is a resident of Gaondevi Dongri, Andheri (West). She met Bharti, complaining that the Bandra police had booked her husband falsely in a rape charge and Shafi Sayyed, who is the husband of the rape complainant, molested her and demanded Rs 1 lakh to withdraw the FIR. Bharti spoke on the phone to Senior Inspector Nalawade and asked him to look into the matter. On the same day, around 8.30 pm, Priti met Nalawade and said Bharti had sent her. Nalawade disobeyed Bharti’s order and refused to register an FIR.

“Nalawade ne kaha ki kisi ka bhi phone aaye woh Shafi ke khilaf FIR nahin lenge. Jaake Bharti ko vapas bol do,” said Priti.

Instead of taking action on the accused, Nalawade asked Priti to show him how Shafi had molested her. A helpless Priti pushed her breast and told him that was how she was molested.

On July 9, Priti again approached Deven Bharti complaining against Nalawade, but Bharti refused to meet her.

“Bharti ke staff ne kaha ki saheb kisi se ek hi baar milte hain,” said Priti.

At last Priti approached advocate Avinash Dubey of the Bombay High Court. Dubey complained on July 10 against Dhanaji Nalawade to several top officials. A copy of the complaint is available with ABI (

“I have complained against Nalawade. I will file a suit against him in the Bombay High Court soon,” said Dubey.

The molestation

Priti’s husband is attached with Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and a small-time Right to Information (RTI) activist. Recently, on his information the police seized Goa gutkha. Instead of appreciation or rewarding him, the Bandra police booked him in a rape charge (CR. NO. 366\2015). The complainant’s husband, Shafi, started calling Priti seeking a meeting. Priti met Shafi, who allegedly demanded Rs. 1 lakh in cash and sex to withdraw the FIR.

“Shafi ne mujhse kaha ki agar main use Rs. 1 lakh cash aur sex karne deti hun to woh apni biwi ko bolkar rape ka FIR vapas le lega,” said Priti.

While talking to her, Shafi allegedly molested Priti several times.

Priti approached Additional Commissioner of Police Fattehsingh Patil complaining against Shafi’s demands. Fattehsingh Patil ordered Dhanaji Nalawade to lay a trap and arrest Shafi while taking Rs. 1 lakh. Dhanaji Nalawade formed a team comprising Inspector Ajay Kshirsagar and Assistant Inspector Sandip Geete in D N Nagar police station. Geete refused to arrest Shafi and allegedly passed information to Shafi about his arrest plan.

Nalawade was not available for comments as he disconnected calls, all times.

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9 years ago

Nice jobe by Advocate Avinash Dubey, at least people like Priti can get justice soon…hope so accused should get punishment by concerned authorities.

9 years ago

V good

9 years ago

Badya News sirji

9 years ago

And right for fight of others

9 years ago

Disgusting… I have a lot of good about the Commissioner of Police… I really really hope he is sincere enough to take cognizance of such cases of blatant corruption in his force!

8 years ago
Reply to  Anon

shame on d officer