ON May 24, 2017 ABI (abinet.org) published article under headline, “St Mary’s Malankara School, Sakinaka allows PROSTITUTION renting LODGE in School premises.” Now one more scam came forward that the school is already under investigation for flouting the fees norms.

On March 10, 2017 Deputy Director (Education) ordered an inquiry into the matter after Dr. Ved Tiwari complained about it to several authorities.

According to the complaint (copy with ABI) the school last year charged excessive fees for admission in play group. They charged Rs 26,000 (including fees and donation) per student promising no donation will be charged in next year (2017). Only fees will be charged. But the school administration went back on their promise and charged Rs 30,000 each to give admission to other students. They further demanded additional Rs 20,000 from play group section for the admission from parents who have already paid donation to get their kids admitted to playgroup.

In February 2017 parents protested by organising morcha at the school. Dr Tiwari complained to Deputy Director (Education) B B Chavan demanding investigation and action against school. On March 10, 2017 Chavan ordered Education Inspector Anil Sable to investigate the matter. Since then matter is under investigation.

“On my complaint deputy director has passed ordered to investigate the matter. Four months have been passed but nothing has happened and the school management has gotten away with blatant cheating. I will approach court soon against school’s illegal activities as well education department,” said Tiwari.

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