BOLLYWOOD’S Baby Doll, Sunny Leone reveals some interesting facts about her early life and teenage including everything from her first kiss, to high school romance and making out for the first time with a high school boyfriend in a chat show with YouTuber Hanee Chavan on this link:
Sunny, dressed in bottle green bomber jacket broke the myth of being glamorous from teenage by disclosing the fact that she carried cropped hair with rugged elbows and knees and hairy arms and legs.

She disclosed being a tom boy and hanging mostly with boys in her teenage years. She goes on to talk about her first boyfriend in high school with whom she had her first kiss while watching the movie ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Sunny remembers her lover as a cute adorable guy who use to stick cute hand written letters everyday on her bag and notebooks.

Sunny admitted for being caught by her father while making out with her boyfriend. It was one of Sunny’s most horrified moment when her father caught her sitting on the lap of her boyfriend while she was in the middle of an intense make out. She ached of having a heartbreak when her parents decided to move from Michigan to California.

Sunny danced on some popular dance numbers like Kala Chasma, on iconic Micheal Jackon move, admitted being unaware of the most talked Gangnam Style by PSY, and Baby Doll in the segment ‘moves by Hanee’.

At the end when Sunny was asked for a piece of advice for the teenagers, Sunny gave the answer like a spoil-teenager to burn and tear all the clothes so that the parents are forced to buy new clothes.

About Hanee Chavan:
They say age is just a number and Hanee Chavan the latest addition to the Youtube sensation bandwagon, proves it just right! The 17 year old has managed to bring celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor, Malaika Arora among others for her channel. This young girl has managed to shake the internet by generating over 50,000 ++ views per video. Her vision is to put forward the teen perspective and the show has celebrities talk about everything from body shaming /skin problems/college fights.

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3 years ago

she is so beautiful
good luck for future


[…] also revealed that she got caught by her father when she was making out with her boyfriend. She was sitting on […]