Ranjit Mahanti

ABI IMPACT: Poddar builder has removed an advertisement hoarding placed on the highway after ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) published an article exposing how the builder was fooling the public with attractive advertising. Sources also say that the builder has stopped construction.

On January 16, 2017, ABI (abinet.org) published an article under the headline, “FRAUD builder PODDAR constructs flats for the HONEST”. Poddar had placed the advertisement hoarding on the Karjat highway in Raigad district claiming that the builder was constructing homes for honest people: PODDAR LAYE IMANDAR LOGON KE LIYE EK BADHIYA GHAR. The offer was for Svakam Vihar project, on the Central line, just off the Kalyan-Karjat Highway, Bhivpuri, Karjat.

ABI exposed that Poddar builder is nowadays mentioned as the most controversial builder in Mumbai, Thane and Raigad districts. There are FIRs of cheating and forgery registered against Poddar firms. People were laughing at the advertisement.

After publishing the news on ABI, the advertisement went missing. One of the residents told ABI that Poddar had removed the advertisement hoardings.

“This is true. Poddar removed the advertisement on next day after ABI published the news. I heard Poddar has also stopped construction of Svakam Vihar project,” said Rameshwar Kute, who is fighting against Poddar.

An FIR has been registered against Poddar owners under MOFA and for cheating after ABI exposed illegality in Samruddhi complex project in Garpoli village, Karjat, district Raigad. The Karjat police have arrested Jinendra Kanhaiyalal Nahar, the General Manager of ‘Poddar Developer Ltd’ (PDL).

“Nahar is currently cooling his heel in jail. He has been there for two months. PDL chairman Rohitashwa Poddar is trying for anticipatory bail to avoid arrest, but then, BAKRE KI MAAN KAB TAK KHAIR MANAYEGI?,” said Swarada Nargolkar, chairman of Samruddhi Complex.

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Sandip Shinde
Sandip Shinde
4 years ago

It’s very true that builder has cheated many people’s and still exploiting them because people are still not aware of their rights.
We have to fight together with such builders to get our rights back and to avoid such forgery in future .

4 years ago

poddar builder should be punish not only G.M