Senior Police Inspector Jai Prakash Bhosale in uniform

Ranjit Mahanti

A member of the traffic advisory committee at Mulund Arvind Modi has alleged the Senior Police Inspector Jai Prakash Bhosale has sold a traffic police chowki’s scrap material to a scrap dealer. Bhosale allegedly made money in this deal.

“I will soon complain top authorities demanding serious enquiry against Bhosale in this matter,” said Modi. The 59-years-old Modi, a resident of Gaushala Road, Mulund (west) is a social activist and member of traffic advisory committee.

Arvind Modi

According to Modi last month a person from the police department informed him that Bhosale sold out police chowki’s scrap material to a scrap dealer. Police chowki (ground plus one structure) was located near BEST quarters, Mulund Check Naka, LBS Marg, Mulund (West), Mumbai.

Modi sought information through RTI to Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) about missing scrap of demolished traffic police chowki. On September 26, 2017 the Joint Commissioner’s office replied saying there were no details available on record about police chowki’s scrap.

Modi last week obtained documents through RTI that stated that the police chowki was illegal. The Brihannmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), T-ward on July 14, 2017 had pasted a notice on police chowki instructing to remove the structure as it was illegal. On August 1, 2017 BMC itself removed the structure (chowki) and left the scrap on the spot. Someone informed Modi that Senior Police Inspector Jai Prakash Bhosale sold it out to a scrap dealer at Sonapur, Bhandup for Rs 30,000. File was shifted only to another office. The scrap included door, fans, tube lights, iron grills, angles, bars and etc. Two constables helped Bhosale in selling it.

“Few senior officers are aware about selling off chowki’s scrap but they have turned a blind eye towards this issue,” said Modi.

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