Yuvraj Vijay Patil and Shezad Nafis Ansari

A 22-year-old Shezad Nafis Ansari who was tortured by corporator Vijay Patil alias Vijju’s son Yuvraj Patil, recounts his horrific ordeal in a written complaint to Deputy Commissioner Of Police (DCP), demanding action on the culprits. Shezad alleged that Yuvraj Patil had kidnapped him, beaten badly and had also forced him to drink urine… all at gun point.

On December 21, 2016 Shezad Nafis Ansari complained (copy with ABI) to Deputy Commissioner Of Police (DCP) demanding an FIR to be registered against Yuvraj Patil and his ‘associates’. The complainant Shezad, who happens to be a resident of Kurla Camp, Ulhasnagar -4, runs garment (gown) business. Yuvraj Patil’s father Vijay Patil is an independent corporator from ward No 37 (A) in Ulhasnagar. He supports Shiv Sena party in the Corporation.

Corporator Vijay Patil alias Vijju

On December 17, 2016, around 10pm, Shezad was sitting in his gown factory when a person named Wilson approached him stating that Yuvraj Patil had called him. On questioning the reason, Wilson said, “Follow his order or we shall take you to him beating you throughout the journey”. Shezad’s friend Mohammed Arif Baig told him that they had also beaten him to show the whereabouts of the said factory.

Wilson took Shezad in Yuvraj’s office, which was situated in Doodhnaka, Basant Bahar Road, Ulhasngar-5. Already, there were around seven youth who were present there. Abusing in filthy languages Yuraj said, “Main girls ke MMS, video or picture banata hun, tujhse kya matlab? They, then, started thrashing and beating him badly with iron rod and wooden stick without assigning any specific reason. If that wasn’t torturous enough, Yuvraj then urinated in bottle and allegedly forced Shezad to drink his urine threatening him at gun point. Yuvraj, then, released Shezad around11.30pm.

A horrified Shezad did not utter even a single word to his parents about the whole ‘Yuvraj incident’. The next day, when he woke up, he started vomiting. On December 19, 2016 when he felt more uncomfortable, he got admitted at Central Hospital, Ulhasnagar. On December 20, 2016 around 1.30pm, a couple of policemen from Hill Line Police Station recorded Shezad’s statement. Shezad alleged that the policemen were talking in favour of Vijay Patil and had forcibly taken his signature on the statement.

In his complaint letter to the DCP, Shezad alleged that the Hill Line Police is avoiding registering an FIR against Yuvraj Patil and his associates. “If the police fail to take action against the culprits, I will sit on a hunger strike at the Commissioner of Police office, Thane,” said Shezad.

“I am not aware about incident. Send Shehzad to police station. I will take action on culprits and also on our staff who avoided to register FIR,” said Mohan Waghmare, Senior Inspector, Hill Line police station.

Why Yuvraj beaten Shezad?
Six months back, Shezad and a girl became friends through Facebook. The girl, then, enquired about Yuvraj and his nature. Even though Yuvraj was his friend, Shezad replied that Yuvraj was a powerful youth, but bad by nature. He also allegedly said that, Yuvraj and his friends make girls’ MMS in his car. Shezad, then, suggested her to keep away from Yuvraj. Since then, the girl started avoiding Yuvraj. That was reason as to why Yuvraj kidnapped Shezad, beat him and forced to drink urine on gun point.

“All allegations are false. Our community and party persons are trying to defame me to upcoming municipal election,” said Vijay Patil, father of Yuvraj Patil.

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Bharat dharmani
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Bharat dharmani