Laxmi Yadav

VISHWA Maitri Manch’s, first Hindi literature conference was held in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Hemant Foundation’s conference was successfully conducted on May 22 in Dharamshala, under the leadership of famous writer Jaya Sharma aka Ketaki.

In the opening session highlighting the core objective, Santosh Shrivastava said, “This Forum is a step by women for women, for providing a strong base to those women who have capabilities but have been restrained by the changing times and situations”.

Sumita Keshava in the introduction briefed about the happenings of the forum.

In the first session the participants were welcomed with stories. The second session was an open debate about ‘The contribution of women in the field of Hindi literature on Global level’.  Later Jaya (Ketaki) praising women said that a woman does not only think about herself, she also thinks of the family, the society, the country and the world on a larger level, and the forum will be working on this basis of the thinking of a woman.

The conference was managed by Laxmi Yadav, Minu Madaan, Prabha Sharma and the thanksgiving was done by Dr. Jyoti Gajbhiye.

Sumita Keshava welcomed the chief guest Dr. Vidya Chitke and special guest Dr. Rachna Bharti and Dr. Krishna Khatri. Later she gave a tribute to Late Hemant by saying his poem ‘Jiyo Mujhe’. Geetashri in her speech said that “If women do not pen down their pain and problems in forms of poems and articles then the pain will end the life of a woman.”

The conference ended inspiring a lot of women to indulge in activities like writing and others that please them and give them the joy of living.

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