Sacred Heart School, Kalyan
Sacred Heart School, Kalyan


SACRED Heart School in Kalyan, which is claimed to be 40th popular school in country, has been exposed by an alert father from Ulhasnagar city in Thane district. A father of a child carried out a sting operation on corrupt school administrator, who asked for extortion (bribe) in exchange for an admission.


The man who has been exposed identified as Albin Anthony the administrator/director of the Sacred Heart School situated at Varap gaon at Kalyan. Not enough, the exposer (father) has registered an FIR in Ulhasnagar-1 police station alleging that he was attacked by school administrator’s goons when he (Albin) learnt that he has carried out sting operation on their boss.

Ghanshyam Bhagwan Talreja
Ghanshyam Bhagwan Talreja

36-year-old Ghanshyam Bhagwan Talreja, is a resident of Goal Maidan area in Ulhasnagar-1. Talreja who is real estate agent by profession told entire story to ABI.

On June 2 Talreja approached the school for the admission of his son in Jr Kg. School clerk B J Davis handled him. Initially Davis told Talreja that admissions are full. No seat is available. More than 50 men are in queue. But he (Talreja) seems to be a good man so he can manage one seat for his son. Davis gave a chit to Talreja detailing about school fees i.e. Rs 36,000 fee for an year, Rs 3,000 registration fee, Rs 2,000 form fee, Rs 13,800 bus fee and Rs 7,000 for dress, pencil, bags etc.

Davis also demanded Rs 1,00,000 lakh donation. Talreja folded hands told him that he is a poor man. He cannot manage Rs 1, 00,000 lakh donation.

On second day Talreja deposited Rs 25,000 donation in cash.  He (Davis) asked balanced amount Rs 75,000 as soon as possible or he will fine Rs 2,000.

Talreja wished to meet Anthony.  Davis said that is worthless. He said to me, ‘No one can challenge me. You go anywhere. Cannot reduce donation amount,” said Talreja.

However, Talreja met to Anthony and requested to reduce the donation amount, for which Anthony strictly refused. Seeing the attitudes of Davis and Anthony, Talreja decided to teach them lesson. He decided to expose them.

“When I requested Anthony to reduce the amount, he rudely said it was not possible and added that if I do not pay the money his son won’t get admission in his school,” said Talreja.


On Saturday, morning Talreja met Anthony. Anthony who was in hurry refused to meet or listen anything. Talreja told Anthony that his brother-in-law has expired. He will pay donation amount in two to three days. Talreja was also ready to produce amount through check but Anthony strictly refused that donation amount should be only in cash. Talreja recorded the whole episode in mobile camera. He left for home. As he reached a little far from the school two youth came on motorbike and attacked him.

Saying this, “Tum hamare boss ki sting operation karta hai” youth badly thrashed him and runaway. Talreja fractured his right hand in the incident.

On Sunday late night Talreja registered an FIR in Ulhasnagar-1 police station.

“We have registered FIR under sections 323, 325, 504, 506 and 34 of the IPC against unknown person,” said S L Rokde, investigating officer.

After repeated attempts Albin was not available for comment. The clerk Davis told that Albin will be available on Tuesday morning only. Davis rubbished all claims stating he never handles parents. Albin handles parents only. He is clerk.

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