MANKHURD police, one of the worst police stations in Mumbai claims to not being able to find “wanted” accused but ABI found him. The accused that molested a girl on road was spotted celebrating his marriage ceremony under the nose of Mankhurd police officials. Not enough, police has also registered FIR after six month of the incident.

The accused is identified as Ganesh Balu Pawar, a resident of Beat No -53, Room No-305, PMGP Colony, Mankhurd (West).

On April 29, 2015 Mankhurd police registered FIR (CR. No-129/2015 under sections 354 (A) and 34 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) against Ganesh Pawar and three unknown persons. Copy of the FIR available with ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation).

25-year-old Vidya (name changed to protect identity) is a resident of same locality. On December 13, 2014 around 9.30pm she was passing near Ekvira hotel, PMGP Colony, Mankhurd. Ganesh Pawar who was standing with three others pointing on Vidya said, “Saheb, yahi hai woh Vidya. Ise hi uthana hai. Mast maal hai. Khoob maja aayega. Ek baar taste karke dekh lo. Ise hi uthana hai.” Fearing for something bad Vidya tried to run away from the spot, one of the persons-who was like a policeman- tried to hug her. However, she managed to escape. Vidya confronted incident to her family members.

According to Vidya as Mankhurd police is habitual to register cross FIR against complainants and is hand-in-glove with anti-social ailments, she did not approach Mankhurd police station. On December 22, 2014 Vidya complained (copy available with ABI) to Commissioner of Police, Rakesh Maria and also Chief Justice Bombay High Court demanding action/justice into the matter. But nothing happened. Mankhurd police kept application in cold bag. Suddenly on April 29, 2015 Mankhurd police called Vidya in police station. Recorded her statement and registered FIR against Pawar and three others. Despite repeated attempts sub-inspector Swati Lahane who is investigating the matter was not available for comment.

Sources said Mankhurd police, after six months-came in action after learning that Rakesh Maria suspended two officials (from Antop Hill and WTT police stations) who failed to register FIRs of molestation and rape.

However, Mankhurd police registered FIR against Ganesh Pawar, who is least bothered about Mankhurd Police or FIR. After registering FIR Pawar laughs and passes comments on Vidya’s family members. Even he abused Vidya’s brother in a filthy language.

On May 8, 2015 Ganesh Pawar married (invitation card available with ABI) Ashwini at Shree Krishna Hall, Amarnath Patil Sports Complex, Govandi station road, Govandi (East). Before the wedding Pawar performed all rites at his home in Mankhurd. Sources also revealed Pawar has invited one of the officials from Mankhurd police station for his marriage ceremony.

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