Bombay High Court
Bombay High Court

Priti Pathak

THE division bench of Judges Vijaya Tahilramani and Anil Menon of the Bombay High Court refused to grant divorce on the grounds to a man who alleged that his wife often visited pubs and discos. Husband also alleged that his wife visited the pub or disco leaving the child in the care of the domestic help and often insulted him and his parents.

The Mumbai based couple got married 20 years ago but were staying separately since the last 16 years. In the initial four years of their cohabitation, they were blessed with a child who is now an adult and in the custody of the father. The husband has filed a plea demanding a divorce on the ground that his wife often visited pub or disco leaving the child in the care of the domestic help.

The court commented that as far as the visits to discos and pubs is concerned, it has been revealed in the cross-examination that they both visited pubs and discos even during the period of courtship.

On a separate plea of the respondent seeking maintenance, it partly set aside the Family Court order asking the husband to pay Rs. 50,000 as monthly maintenance to wife. The Judges, instead, asked him to pay Rs. 30,000 per month from their separation till 2004, Rs. 40,000 a month from 2005 to 2009 and Rs. 50,000 per month thereafter.

The other allegations like that the wife threw a hot cup of tea and hurled a vase at her husband also did not amount to cruelty.

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9 years ago

Judicial system is also corrupt