WOMAN protects robber; threatens cops stating that she can do anything as BJP government is in power in the Country


A woman threatened officials of Khadak Pada police station in Kalyan (West) stating she can do anything as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government was in power in the Country and State. The woman was trying to protect a robber and trespasser from police action.

The woman, later identified as Manisha Kedar had introduced herself as a big leader of Bharatiya Janata Party in Kalyan-Dombivali.

On June 1, 2018 Khadak Pada police had registered an FIR (No- 181/2018) under sections 448 (house-trespass), 454 (lurking house-trespass or house-breaking in order to commit offence), 457 (lurking house-trespass or house-breaking by night in order to commit offence) and 380 (theft in dwelling house) of IPC against Rakesh Chandra, Rekha Chandra and others. The complainant Pramod Gupta (58) is a real brother-in-law of accused Rakesh Chandra. Pramod Gupta has two flats (worth Rs 60 Lakh) in Shri Krishna CHS Ltd, near Amber Hotel, Shahad, Kalyan (West).

According to FIR, on May 17 around 2 PM, his neighbor Ram Jha informed him that his flat’s locks and door were broken. Pramod Gupta rushed to the flat and found that the LCD TV, Washing machine and Cooler were stolen. On May 31, 2018 his maid Shubhangi Mahale informed him that while she was cleaning the room, Rakesh Chandra and others forcibly entered into the flat and have jostled her. Pramod Gupta contacted Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) office and sought help. On June 1 few policemen went on the flat where Rakesh Chandra refused to open the door alleging that you all policemen are thieves and corrupt.

“Police registered the FIR after verifying the documents that I am the real owner of the flats. I am thankful to officials of ACP office and Khadak Pada police station for taking quick action. But Rakesh Chandra is still occupying the flats,” said Pramod Gupta.

After registering of the FIR, Manisha Kedar went to Khadak Pada police station and created a massive ruckus. She introduced herself as a big leader of BJP. She questioned the police as to how they DARED to register a FIR against Rakesh Chandra. She tried to force and pressurise the police to withdraw the FIR and threatened them if they did not comply. She repeatedly kept saying that she can do anything as she is a BJP leader and her party was in power in Delhi and Maharashtra.

Speaking to ABI a police officer confirmed that Manisha Kedar created a ruckus in police station.

“I heard some lady Manisha Kedar pressurized on police to not take action on Rakesh Chandra. I am requesting and demanding that police register a FIR against Manisha under section 353 (criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) of IPC,” said Pramod Gupta.

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