THE Government Railway Police (GRP), Dadar had arrested a lady commuter who allegedly threw hot Daal on the Head Travel Ticket Examiner (HTTE). The lady commuter also bashed a lady constable who tried to intervene in the matter.

According to railway sources the incident took place on last Saturday at around 6:56 pm on platform no. 6 of Dadar railway station. The lady (Gupta) got down from a local train with her boyfriend Abhijit Verma from a first class compartment and quickly started moving out of the platform. The on duty TTE Manoj Kumar got suspicious about them. He intercepted the duo and asked for the tickets. They were carrying a general ticket. Kumar asked them to pay the fine for traveling in First Class, but they refused to do so claiming that they had no money.

Kumar then took them to the TTE room (well known as robbery room) located on platform no. 6. Kumar’s colleague TTE asked them to withdraw money from the ATM and pay the fine. Hearing this lady got agitated and started screaming and abusing Kumar. She also created a scene at the TTE room by screaming and also removed her Tiffin from the bag and threw hot Daal on Kumar.

An eyewitness to this incident told ABI that the lady was screaming, “Tujhe paisa chahiye na, le kitna paisa lega, le khana kha, kitna khayega?” and she threw the daal on Kumar.

Then the TTEs had no option other than calling the police. One of the lady constable tried to overpower her but failed to do so as the lady commuter pushed her on the platform, grabbed her hair and slapped her on the head. She was even shouting and abusing her.

More than 15 policemen accompanied her to drag her to the police station located on platform no. 4. Police registered an FIR against her under section 353 of IPC and arrested her. The lady was given a bail by the court on Rs. 5,000 after she spent almost 3 days in the lock up.

Kumar confirmed the incident to ABI.

This reporter visited the Dadar GRP. They confirmed the arrest of Gupta but refused to co-operate saying; “Hum aapko jaankari nahin denge. Senior (Prakash Kirdat) se le lo. Woh abhi so rahe hain.” One of the policemen of the police station told the reporter; ” Main aapko accused (lady) ka naam bhi nahin dunga.”

When contacted, Prakash Kirdat he said “I am sick and not at work”. He added; “You can check my cabin I am not sleeping inside”.

A noted fact is that Dadar GRP is one of the corrupt police stations of the Central Railway and the officials are always busy in extorting money from the hawkers and robbing passengers. Last year in six months, 166 cases of robbery, 25 cases of molestation and five cases of obscene gestures had been reported. Most of the victims in these cases were women commuters.

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