Ranjit Mahanti

Arvind Kejriwal was slapped hard yesterday by an AAP worker during his speech.

And all the time, while he was speaking on the mic, his twitter account was actively tweeting stuff about not being violent and that his followers should not be thrashing the person who slapped him.

As this tweets happened simultaneously while Kejriwal was giving his speech on the stage, it is possible that someone else was tweeting using Kejriwal’s account or worse still Kejriwal had already prepared the tweets in advance and used a software to tweet about the incident at a preset time.

This raises serious questions about the timing of the tweets and whether Kejriwal orchestrated the whole slapping incident. If he had prepared the tweets in advance, it means that Kejriwal knew that he was going to be slapped on the stage by the AAP worker.

Will Kejriwal use any and all, including some very dubious means to stay in the news?

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