Ranjit Mahanti

‘A wooden foot ruler is not a dangerous weapon’ told Michelle Mark Anthony, a teacher to Bombay High Court on Wednesday. The teacher has filed a quash petition in the court, saying section 324 IPC (causing hurt by dangerous weapon) cannot be invoked in this matter.

The matter has been kept for further hearing tomorrow.

Anthony, the teacher at ST Columbia School in Grant Road is an accused of beating a Kindergarten girl student. The parents of the student had filed a complaint with police earlier alleging that Anthony had beat their child with a foot ruler, following which a case was registered.

However, Anthony alleged that student had fallen down and sustained bruises and minor injuries. Thereafter, the student had attended the school and for the next 48 hours there was no complaint against the teacher. Anthony said she was wrongly booked under this IPC section.

A bench of Justices V M Kanade and P D Kode, said in lighter vein “It is bad to beat children….in foreign countries even parents can be sent to jail for this act”.

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