Naresh Chaddhi


THE Central Police Station in Ulhasnagar has registered an FIR against a bogus doctor Vinod Rai after ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) had exposed his illegal practice one year back. This FIR-against Vinod Rai-has also given interesting twist to the murder case of gangster Naresh Pahalajani alias Naresh Chaddhi.

On February 10, 2022 Central Police registered FIR (Number-0043/2022) under sections 419, 420 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and section 33 of Maharashtra Medical Practitioner Act (MMPA) 1961 against Vinod Shyam Rai. Vinod Rai a resident of Om Shivtirth, Kailash Nagar Complex in Ambarnath, district Thane was running clinic by name Soni Clinic, near Bhole Pettiswala, Station Road, Ulhasnagar-3. Copy of the FIR is available with ABI ( ABI has been continuously publishing articles about Vinod Rai being a fake doctor and has exposed him earlier. 

A Mumbai based social activist Dr Ved Tiwari had complained to Maharashtra Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) about illegal practice of Vinod Rai. On February 26, 2021 FDA officer VB Taskhedkar, Medical officers of Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) Dr Dilip Pagare, Dr Pranjali Pednekar, Imran Patel, Police Sub Inspector (PSI) Kiran Ambekar, Policemen Amol Dhumal and JD Vatas raided Vinod Rai’s clinic. The team found that Vinod Rai was SSC pass and had no degree or certificate in medical field. He was practicing on license of Dr Neeraj Panchanan Rai (NP Rai) who had passed away on December 31, 2016.   

It was clear on the spot that Vinod Rai was a fake doctor. He has no degree, diploma, certificate or experience of medical field. FDA, UMC and Police have rights to register FIR and arrest Vinod Rai but all of them ignored and released him free,” said Ved Tiwari.

Shocked Dr Ved Tiwari was continually following the matter through RTI but he was not getting proper response/result. Last week, he complained to Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), Maharashtra to investigate role of VB Taskhedkar, Dilip Pagare, Dr Pranjali Pednekar, Imran Patel, PSI Kiran Ambekar, Policemen Amol Dhumal and JD Vatas. ACb started inquiry and sent letter to UMC commissioner on February 3, 2022. Then on February 10, 2022 Dilip Pagare rushed to Central Police Station and registered FIR against Vinod Rai.


Naresh Pahalajani alias Naresh Chaddhi- former gang member of Pappu Kalani- was found dead in mysterious circumstances at his Kalyan resident in February 2016. Then Khadakpada Police had registered Accidental Death Report (ADR) into the matter and closed the file. After opposition of Naresh Chaddhi’s family members, then Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Anil Powar investigated the matter and Anil Powar also filed C-summary report stating Naresh Chaddhi had died due to natural causes. He submitted Vinod Rai’s medical report. Anil Powar ignored JJ hospital’s medical report that had indicated that Chaddhi’s death was unnatural.

Deepak Mishra, a lawyer by profession filed protest petition on which court ordered reopening the case. Deepak Mishra had submitted JJ hospital’s report and also a proof that Vinod Rai was a fake doctor. Surprisingly, new investigation officer ACP (Dombivali division) JD More took high risk and also submitted A-summary report in to the matter.

“I thank Dr Ved Tiwari and ABI who pursued the matter very honestly. After FIR against Vinod Rai matter is much clear that Naresh Chaddhi was murdered. Now, matter should be investigated by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). ACPs Anil Powar and JD More also should be punished for blindly favouring the accused,” said Deepak Mishra.

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