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Complainant Dharmesh Patel

Ranjit Mahanti

A Mahim-based builder and developer has revealed in a ‘sting operation’ that his relationship with the Mumbai Police Commissioner is one of “give and take” business and so no police officer can touch him. He further revealed that he had bought an SRA officer from the ‘Jay Bheem’ community with Rs 12 lakh.

The builder was identified as Uday Desai. He and his partner Seraj Khatri operate the construction business under the banner of M/s Mighty Engineers, Developers and Contractors. Their office is at 163, Dwarkamai Tower, Bhagat Lane, Mahim.

On December 7, 2015, a building material supplier, Dharmesh Patel, complained to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Mumbai, and also several ministers and police authorities seeking action against Uday Desai and Seraj Khatri. Patel also provided a CD to these authorities that revealed the “give and take” business with Commissioner of Police, Mumbai. During the sting operation, Uday Desai did not take the name of the Commissioner of Police, but the operation was done when Rakesh Maria was the Police Commissioner.
Uday Desai’s claim was not hollow, as even after a lot of complaints and approaching authorities Dharmesh Patel failed to get his Rs 1.5 crore back.

According to the complaint, Uday Desai and Seraj Khatri developed a high-rise building under construction name Rudra Developers and Contractors on Kale Guruji Marg, near Jain Health Centre, Dadar (West), by the name of 603, Sunshine Heights. The building has 18 floors. Dharmesh Patel supplied the building materials for it. After completion of building, Desai refused to pay his bill, claiming that his materials were sub-standard. He clearly said that there was no pending bill with him.

Dharmesh Patel approached several top police officers, leaders and even Ashok Premji Patel, President of the Fort Merchant Welfare Association. Uday Desai replied to all that he can pay only Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh to Patel. Even the Personal Assistant (PA) of Sharad Pawar, a man called T. N. Dhuali, was unable to help Dharmesh Patel. Dhuwali has two flats on the 8th floor of the building in question. Sources said one flat he has bought and second Desai has gifted to him.

Ajit Pawar: Leader turned astrologer

Dharmesh Patel, who was running from pillar to post to get his money back, also approached NCP’s strongest new leader and former “Urinal Minister” Ajit Pawar, who called Uday Desai at his office. After meeting Desai, Ajit Pawar announced: “Maine Desai ki aankhon me dekha, wo sach bol raha hai. Tumhara koi bhi paisa uske paas nahin nikalta hai.”

At last, Dharmesh Patel recorded the conversation of Uday Desai and Seraj Khatri. In the tape, Desai clearly claims that he has “give and take” relations with Commissioner of Police, Mumbai. He says Patel can go anywhere. No police officers can dare take action against him. Desai also claims that he had paid Rs 12 lakh to an SRA officer. At that time Desai forgot the name of the SRA officer, only saying he belongs to the “Jay Bheem” community: “Arre wo Jay Bheem wala hai na.”

“Uday Desai ne hamesha kaha ki uska Police Commissioner se lena-dena hai. Isliye koi bhi policewala uske khilaf complaint nahin lega. Desai ne ye bhi kaha ki usne ek SRA officer ko Rs 12 lakh diye hain. So SRA wale bhi kuchh nahin karenge. Desai SRA officer ka naam bhool gaya to usne insult karte hue kaha ki wo hai na Jay Bheem wala,” said Patel.

ABI is in possession of CD and the complaint copy.

“I am very honest person. He (Dharmesh Patel) is a bogus man. Because of him my project was late. He is harassing me approaching several authorities like police officials, leaders, ministers (Ajit Pawar and Prakash Mehta) and businessmen. I never said that I have relation with Commissioner of Police or SRA officer. I always suggested him to go court and take money to me,” said Desai.

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8 years ago


8 years ago

He is the most fraud builder and many poor are cheated in mahim

Ravindra Malve
Ravindra Malve
6 years ago

Absolutely Disgusting.
Will CP act against that Police commissioner?Chances seems very deem.

1 year ago

Chor bulider hai Uday desai Dadar mahim mein koi uske saat business nahi karte hai

1 year ago
Reply to  Rahul

Why chor pls let me know?