RETIRED Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) of Mumbai police Rajendra Trivedi has in a short interview with ABI alleged that Indian Police Service Officer (IPS) Deven Bharti is also involved in protecting the notorious oil mafia, land mafia, octroi mafia and gutka mafia. Arrested underworld Don Ejaz Lakdawala has revealed that Deven Bharti worked for him and is working for the underworld.

1986 Batch police officer Rajendra Trivedi, retired on 30th June 2019 from Mumbai Police force. According to Trivedi, he was posted at Sewri police station, as Senior Inspector of Police. In 2015, he was taking action against the Octroi, Oil, Land and Gutka Mafias operating in his area. As per Trivedi, many people including Octroi mafia Kiran Pujari and DCP Kiran Chavan – visited him on Deven Bharti’s behalf and ordered him to not take any action against the mafia operations. As per them, Deven Bharti did not want him to take any action against the Mafias. Trivedi says that he was bound to follow orders, as unfortunately, Deven Bharti was posted as Joint Commissioner of Police, Law and Order at that time and hence he was his superior.

Rajendra Trivedi complained to the then Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Javed and Datta Padsalgikar. Then Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Santosh Rastogi had investigated the matter and found that Trivedi’s allegations against Bharti were truthful. However, no action was taken or has been taken against Deven Bharti till date.

In 1991, Rajendra Trivedi was posted in Naxalite area of Gadchiroli. Trivedi’s fantastic job at that time was appreciated by all and then Superintendent of Police (SP) Subodh Jaiswal had remarked that Trivedi was an ‘asset to the police department.’ ABI salutes whistleblower Rajendra Trivedi who dared to complain against IPS Deven Bharti’s stature and his exposing such dangerous officers, who are working against the interests of India. His interview can be seen and listened to here…

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