Handmaids of Blessed Trinity orphanage

Child protection unit also finds orphanage to be illegal

Ranjit Mahanti

ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) has blown the lid off shocking happenings at the Handmaids of the Blessed Trinity orphanage and convent in Vasai after an in-depth sting done by an undercover woman reporter. ABI in recent months published a series of articles exposing several illegalities at the orphanage. Now ABI has found a report of the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), Palghar, that proves all the ABI investigations were 100% on target and every news report was true and correct. The DCPU report also says that the orphanage is illegal.

On April 11, 2016, the DCPU, Palghar, submitted a report to the President, Bal Kalyan Samiti, detailing the illegality, inhumanity and other irregularities at the orphanage. A copy of the report is with ABI. According to the report, on April 6, 2014, DCPU Officer Sandip Lanjewar along with Police Sub-Inspector (PSI) Anita Bhagat from the Vasai police station visited the orphanage and found nothing was good there.

DCPU report’s main points:
1- The orphanage management failed to produce any requisite permission certificate.
2- Management charged Rs 500 per student as monthly fees.
3- After year 2012 no officer of Bal Kalyan Samiti visited the orphanage. Management has not maintained any register after year 2012.
4- Monthly register was not available.
5- The students were served supplied food of poor quality. It was not cooked there but was collected from donors.
6- Students were forced to sell donated food items.
7- Outdated (expired) biscuit, bread, pav and jam the children were forced to eat. Several times dead rats were found in jam but the children were forced to eat.
8- Food was cooking in oil past the expiry date.
9- Sanitary napkin was not given to minor girls. If they demanded it they were forced to buy it.
10- Orphanage management was replying in very irresponsible manner to any question. They were discussing unnecessarily with DCPU team. A sister alleged that girls are characterless and that they often called their boyfriends inside the school.
Sandip Lanjewar submitted to his authority that the management was unable to run the orphanage in a proper way. He suggested appropriate action on the orphanage.

ABI news:

On April 19, 2016, ABI published first article under headline ‘ABI undercover reporter exposes Handmaids of Blessed Trinity orphanage and convent in Vasai as a living hell‘.
On May 15, 2016, ABI published second article under headline ‘Vasai orphanage forcibly converts students to Christianity, starves and beats girls to make them nuns’.
On May 24, 2016, ABI published a third article under the headline ‘Vasai orphanage sisters sip wine and champagne, but for students it’s rotten and decayed food‘.
On June 2, 2016, ABI published a fourth article under the headline ‘Vasai orphanage sisters force Muslim girls to eat pork, tell them police will rape them if they lodge complaint‘.

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