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GURUPOURNIMA festival will celebrated as per the usual tradition by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi from July 11 to 13. Executive officer Kundan Kumar Sonawane has appealed Sai devotees to participate in the festival and grace it.

According to press note issued by Shridi Sansthan, that the teacher-student is an ancient tradition. Ashadi Pournima is celebrated as Gurupournima to pay the respect towards our Gurus. So, this day has got the vital importance.  In his livelihood of Shri Saibaba, Gurupournima was being celebrated with the religious fervor.  The devotees of Shri Saibaba use to come to Shirdi on this special day and pay their obeisance to Shri Saibaba as their Guru. This year also, Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi has planned to organize various religious programmes to mark the Gurupournima celebration.

The first day, i. e. July 11 of the festival will begin with Kakad Aarti at 4.30 am. There will procession of Holy book Shri Sai Satcharitra and Saibaba’s photo at 5 am. Continuous reading (Akhand Parayan) of Shri Sai Satcharitra will be beginning in Dwarkamai at 5.15 am. The holy bath of Shri Saibaba will be done at 5.20 am. Padhyapooja will be performed at 6 am. Mid day Aarti will be sung at 12.30 pm. Kirtan will be delivered between 4 pm and 6 pm. Dhooparti will be sung at 7 pm. The palanquin procession of Shri Saibaba through the town will start at 9.15 pm and after returning of this palanquin procession, Shejarti will be sung at 10.30 pm. Dwarkamai will remain opened throughout the night for Akhand Parayan.

The second day, i. e. July 12 of the festival will begin with Kakad Aarti at 4.30 am. Akhand Parayan will be concluded at 5 am and soon after, there will holy book and Saibaba’s Photo procession. Holy bath of Shri Saibaba will be at 5.20 am. Mid day Aarti will be sung at 12.30 pm. Kirtan will be delivered between 4 pm and 6 pm. Dhoop Aarti will be sung at 7 pm. Saibaba’s Chariot procession through the town will be started at 9.15 pm. As this will be main day of the festival, Samadhi temple will remain opened throughout the night for darshan. Shejarti on this day and Kakad Aarti on July 13 will not be sung. Various artists will present their Saibhajan on the stage near Samadhi temple from 11 pm to next day 5 am.

The last day of the festival, i.e. July 13 will commence with holy bath and darshan of Shri Saibaba at 5.05 am. Rudra Abhishek will be conducted in Gurusthan temple at 6.15 am. Gopal Kala kirtan and Dahihandi programme will be at 10.30 am. Mid aday Aarti at 12.30 pm, Dhooparti at 7 pm and Shejarti at 10.30 will be sung.

The devotees to participate in Akhand Parayan should enroll their names on July 10 between 2 pm and 6 pm on the stage of Samadhi temple. The names of such devotees will be declared at 8 pm by lucky draw system. Passes for Darshan/ Aarti being issued through public relation officer will be stopped during these three days of the festival. Abhishek pooja, Shri Satyanarayan vrat will not be conducted during these days. The clothes and other articles donated to Shri Saibaba by the devotees will be sold openly by auction as a Prasad. In addition to this, invited artists will stage the programmes on the north side stage on these three days between 7.30 pm and 10 pm.

Kundankumar Sonawane, Dy. Executive officer Appasaheb Shinde, all administrative officers, all head of departments and employees are taking the sincere efforts to make the festival to a grand success under the able guidance of Sansthan’s chairman and chief district justice Shashikant Kulkarni, district collector Anil Kawade.

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