Parisar Asha7

Naveen Uraon

A new milestone was achieved by Parisar Asha through its revolutionary ‘workshopminar’ in association with Tata ClassEdge on the ‘ Emerging Global Trends in Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow’ , which was attended by more than 150 school principals from different institutions pan India at Kohinoor Continental Hotel.

This unique ‘workshopminar’ was conducted on April 25, 2016 understanding the dire need to blend the modern approach with the conventional values and the significance to focus on the most important aspect of teaching- raising a sensitized, responsible and compassionate child who is equipped to address the challenges of the 21st century, with right knowledge, attitude, values and skills.

Eminent speakers from renowned institutions delivered stimulating seminars and conducted cutting-edge workshops. Dr. Pawan Sudhir- H.O. D, Arts & Aesthetics, N.C.E.R.T, Delhi ; Dr. Trisha Sen, Head of Education & Geoffrey Wiggins, English Language Consultant from Aga Khan Education Service, India ; Dr. Samir Dalwai – Developmental Paediatrician; Mr.Anil Mammen, Chief of Learning Design & Social Impact, Tata ClassEdge & Ms. Aarati Savur , C.E.O of Parisar Asha.

These sessions were conducted through experiential learning focusing on the emerging global trends in learning to create sensible, secure and sustainable individuals who will be equipped to withstand the pressures and competitions of the 21st century.

The sessions focused on various global trends like ESAL – Environmental Studies Approach Towards Learning, Arts integration into mainstream education, creative writing, inclusive education, using dynamic digital platforms to increase the efficacy of the teaching- learning methods.

Ms. Aarati Savur , C.E.O of Parisar Asha reiterated that , “This initiative has been undertaken to help the educators discover their roles through renewed perception and provide them hands on experience of new educational technologies which when executed can make the roles of an educator more dynamic and will bring about a phenomenal change in the learning process of the children.”

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