sunny Leone

Naveen Uraon

PORN star Sunny Leone is all set to be paired opposite Ram Kapoor in a comedy titled ‘Patel Rap’. This is also for the first time she will be shedding her sexy image and doing a film that will be for family audiences for a change. In fact, it could well turn out to be her first film with a ‘U’ rating.

Earlier a porn star, Sunny Leone has been doing films where her sexuality was explored and she was seen scorching the screen with her sexy costumes and moves. Even while doing guest appearance in so called item songs, the filmmakers made sure to give her a sexy image that she is well known for.

For the first time filmmaker Devang Dholakia who also directed her in Tina and Lolo is making sure that Sunny is seen in different lights. Though she is playing an actress in the film, the film will not have her kissing or wearing revealing clothes. We heard even Sunny herself was very keen to do a family entertainer after doing many bold characters in her films so far.

Says director Devang Dholakia, “Sunny will look glamorous as she plays a movie star, but it won’t be raunchy. You will see her dressed in casuals and there is not a single kissing scene between her and Ram. Their characters will share the Marilyn Monroe-Jack Lemmon kind of chemistry, minus the double entendres.”

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