J M Joshi

THE MCOCA Court Mumbai has sentenced three accused Jamiruddin Ansari, Mohammad Farooq Mansuri and JM Joshi, to undergo 10 years Rigorous Imprisonment with cumulative fine of Rs. 15 lakh each in a case related to nexus between underworld and Gutakha Manufactures.

CBI had registered the instant case on 9.2.2005 on the request of Maharashtra Government and taken over the investigation of the case earlier registered vide FIR No.249/2004 at Sir JJ Marg police station Mumbai. It was alleged that during February-May in 2002, Zamiruddin Ansari and Anis Ibrahim had threatened to kill the complainant and his associate and forced them to purchase five Gutakha pouch packaging machines worth Rs. 2.64 lakh from Rajesh Panchariya and sent them to Anees Ibrahim in Karachi (Pakistan) through their associate Farooq Ahmed Mansoori in Dubai. Subsequently, the case was transferred to CID, Mumbai Police. After investigation, Mumbai Police filed a chargesheet on 24.1.2005 against four accused.

CBI conducted thorough investigation. It was revealed that two more accused JM Joshi and RN Dhariwal were in nexus with Dawood Ibrahim. RN Dhariwal used his links with Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar to settle a long-standing financial dispute with JM Joshi. As per the settlement, JM Joshi was to receive Rs. 20 crore from RM Dhariwal and in lieu JM Joshi was to provide all assistance (financial/ technical/ operational) to Dawood Ibrahim in running organized crime syndicate for establishing a Gutakha Factory in Hyderabad, Sindh province, Pakistan. The accused had also kidnapped an employee of JM Joshi in India and took him to Hyderabad, Sindh province, Pakistan and forcibly made him to work for a period of three years in the Gutkha factory (established / financed/ operationalized) in Pakistan by JM Joshi for Dawood Ibrahim.

RM Dhariwal was abetting the activities of the organized crime syndicate of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar by supplying Gutakha to a Dubai based company owned by Abdul Hamid Antulay (brother-in-law of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar) and Saleem Mohd Ghaus Sheikh. During the period from 1996 to 2001 RM Dhariwal supplied Gutakha worth of Rs. 46.1 crore to his company, thereby providing gain to the organized crime syndicate of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar.

After investigation, CBI filed chargesheet on 18.6.2016 against nine accused Zamiruddin Ansari@ Jumbo, Rajesh Panchariya @ Raju Bhai, Anees lbrahim Kaskar (absconder), Farooq Mansuri, JM Joshi, RM Dhariwal, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar @ Bada Seth (absconder), Abdul Hamid Antulay (absconder) and Salim Mohammad Ghaus Shaikh (absconder). Four out of nine accused in chargesheet are absconding. RM Dhariwal expired during trial, thus the trial proceedings against him abated. Rajesh Panchariya @ Raju Bhai was earlier discharged by the trial court, against whom CBI has filed an appeal before the Mumbai High Court.

Further, two victims have been given compensation of Rs. 2.64 lakh and Rs. 1.32 lakh respectively.

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