Aruna Haresh Nagdeo

AN Ulhasnagar woman has started a hunger strike inside Adharwadi Jail, Kalyan, seeking action against Congress Councillors Rajesh Wadharia and Rekha Thakur for illegal construction. The woman had been twice arrested by the local police when she tried to sit on a hunger strike in front of Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC).

The woman, Aruna Haresh Nagdeo (42), is a resident of Sangam Colony, Ulhasnagar-3. She is complaining against illegal construction allegedly done by Rajesh Wadharia from Panel No. 13. Rekha Thakur is also a Councillor from the same panel. According to complaints, there is a Mahalaxmi temple in Rajesh Wadharia’s ward. He allegedly damaged the temple and statue to construct a Samaj Mandir Hall. The Samaj Mandir Hall has been constructed as a one-plus-one RCC structure without proper permission. Aruna alleged that Wadharia wants to usurp the temple land.

“Matter is in our knowledge. After details investigation we will take action against culprit,” said Yuvraj Bhadane, Assistant Municipal Commissioner of UMC, who also holds post of Public Relation Officer.

Aruna complained (copy with ABI) to several authorities, demanding demolition of the illegal construction and action against Rajesh Wadharia and Rekha Thakur. She tried to sit on a hunger strike twice in front of Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation. The Central Police Station arrested Aruna, claiming her strike was illegal and without permission and produced her before an Ulhasnagar court. The first time she was granted bail, but on December 12 she refused bail and wished to go jail.

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On Saturday she was sent to Adharwadi jail, where she started a hunger strike to draw the attention of the government to the issue. “Yes, it is true that Aruna has started a hunger strike in jail,” said Jaswant Singh Labana, one of the followers of Aruna.

Rajesh Wadharia is also a partner in the very infamous Konark Infrastructure Limited (KIL) Company. He has been “awarded” the name “DCP Zone-4” in KIL Company. This is because if there is any problem from the police department, it is his responsibility to settle the matter. Despite repeated attempts, Wadharia was not available for comment. His mobile phone was continuing not reachable.

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8 years ago

good story

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8 years ago

Nice news