Krishna Pujari

A woman has registered FIR against four persons alleging that the accused assaulted her and hammered nails into her private parts. The police have arrested four accused including two women, media reports.

The woman is a resident of Rohtak town in Haryana Pradesh. The incident took place a week back. She was kept in illegal confinement.

The victim who has been admitted in hospital in Rohatak on Sunday alleged that two men, and their wives, abducted and assaulted her over a petty dispute. The accused also hammered nails into her private parts.

However, police registered a case against the four accused for wrongful confinement, abduction, criminal intimidation and passing casteist remarks.

Earlier allegations of woman

1- Earlier in April this year woman had alleged rape against two men but an investigation revealed that the allegations were false.

2- The woman, in 2008, had registered complaint of rape against a youth also. Later, the allegations were found baseless but before that the youth committed suicide.

3- The woman has a case pending since 2012 against her for immoral trafficking.

4- She had even got a case registered against her husband under the Dowry Act.

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