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ABI FOLLOWUP: EVEN Niranjan Lakhumal Hiranandani failed to fulfill his commitment made to owners of offices and shops, Galleria Shopping Centre in Powai. Despite repeated complaints the corrupt BMC S-ward officials also failed to take action on illegal stalls.

On March 26, 2015 ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) published an article under headline – 28 illegal stalls inside Galleria Shopping Centre Powai, pay Rs. 80,000 hafta to BMC S-ward officials.

After news published in ABI (abinet.org) more than 90 owners of offices and shops, Galleria Shopping Centre met Nairanjan Hiranandani on April 1, 2015. They complained against mushrooming illegal stalls outside their shops. The shop owners also told Hiranandani that they have been complaining against illegal stalls since the last two years.

Sudhir Singh
Sudhir Singh

Hiranandani is an Indian entrepreneur, co-founder and managing director of Hiranandani Group, engaged in real estate business. Niranjan is ranked among the top 100 richest Indian’s and Forbes global billionaires.

Hiranandani assured them that he will take action within 10 days against illegal stalls. The shops owners sent appreciation (thanks) letter (copy available with ABI) to Hiranandani. Many days have been passed but Hiranandani forgot to fulfill his commitment.

“Now we have planned to approach the court against illegal stalls, BMC (ward) officer, Powai police and some illegal activities protectors,” said a shop owner.

ABI article

On March 23, 2015 Sudhir Singh the Vice President of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Youth Wing complained (copy available with ABI) against illegal stalls inside Galleria Shopping Centre, Powai. The Galleria Shopping Centre management earns Rs. 5, 40,000 rent and pays Rs. 80,000 hafta to BMC officials per month from these illegal stalls.

There are about 28 illegal stalls/shops inside the Shopping Centre. These stall staffers create ruckus and block the route for legal shops customer.

Sources revealed that Galleria Shopping Centre management collects Rs.5, 40,000 as rent from these stall owners.

Even civic activists (S-ward officials) do not dare to take action as they collects Rs.80, 000 hafta per month from there.

Last week, Sudhir Singh sought information through RTI that why BMC (S-ward) officials are not taking action against illegal stalls. The S-ward officials replied that illegal stalls are inside malls and so they cannot take action.

“Agar illegal stalls BMC (S-ward) ki jurisdiction me nahin aata to woh yahaan se hafta kyon lete hain. Aur Galleria management hafta kyon deti hai,” said Sudhir Singh.

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[…] April 26, 2015 ABI (abinet.org) has published second article under headline- Niranjan Lakhumal Hiranandani failed to fulfill his commitment on Galleria illegal stalls issue.’ After news published on ABI (abinet.org) more than 90 owners of offices and shops, Galleria […]